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Easter: Our pick of the lowest calorie chocolate

 Easter: Our pick of the lowest calorie chocolate

On the occasion of Easter, Sunday 4 April, the traditional egg hunt will open. How can you benefit from this little chocolate when you are watching your figure and want to take care of your health? Discover our selection of the lowest calorie chocolate.

Dark, milk, white, praline, filled, flavored chocolate... Chocolate can take many forms and therefore adapt to all tastes. But this is not its only advantage: it has many health benefits, as it helps fight some cardiovascular diseases, acts as an anti-stress, is good for the brain and is effective against sleep disorders. To do yourself well, it is advisable to choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa ... and not to over-consume it!

Easter Chocolate: Small Pleasures to Consume in Moderation

What do you do on Easter, when the temptations are more than usual? Eggs, rabbits, and chocolate bells... These cocoa delicacies are very popular and delight young and old alike as part of the traditional egg hunt. If tasting this delicacy makes it possible to spend quality time with family or friends but also to excite our taste buds, then chocolate is nevertheless a sweet and calorie-free product.

There is no doubt about depriving yourself during this festive period: you just have to choose your chocolate well and not abuse it! Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa, which is considered the best for health, generally contains between 500 and 600 calories per 100 grams. The same goes for some Easter chocolate, which can be delicious without emptying your calorie counter when eaten in moderation.

If calories are not the only data to take into account when monitoring your streak and the desire to take care of your health, then it can still be interesting.

Calories: How does chocolate taste at Easter?

To enjoy chocolate animals and baby Easter eggs without offending them, British Nutrition, a British organization, gave their own advice for Easter. In particular, he recommends the following:

Take the time to savor the Easter eggs;

Monitor her portion sizes by choosing mini versions or sharing her regular size eggs with family and friends;

Prefer quality over quantity by choosing dark chocolate, which has a high cocoa content.


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