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Drain & Detox: Best Homemade Detox Smoothies

 Drain & Detox: Best Homemade Detox Smoothies

Lose weight, detox, restore energy... Twice a year detox treatment is highly recommended to restore vitality and maintain your figure. Find all tips from our Naturopath for a successful home remedy and ideas for delicious detox juices!

“The body’s ecosystem is put to the test by our lifestyles, stress, inadequate physical activity, increasingly processed industrial foods, and air pollution,” explains Carol Beaugrand, Naturopath.

These factors are partly responsible for the presence of waste products in our bodies, which are important to get rid of. To the wellness professional, sugars, food additives, and pesticides are all toxic waste that should be disposed of regularly, and some of the signs can alert you.

“When the body reaches saturation, it warns us that it is time to get rid of: fatigue, excess weight, dull hair, brittle nails, irritability, depression,” defines the naturopath.

Liver, intestines and kidneys .. a treatment for detoxification, why?

As Carol Beaugrand explains, there are five bodies that specialize in detoxing. The intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin play an essential role in the elimination process: “They filter and remove waste and other unwanted elements from our bodies, and if they are overburdened, they are weakened and can no longer play their role.”

Therefore, a detox treatment is ideal, ideally twice a year, rather than the change of seasons, when spring and fall arrive.

And for a detoxing treat, we're turning to healthy plant-based juices. On the menu: vegetables, fruits, sprouted seeds, plants and wild herbs, which are detoxified foods, which will contribute to “discharge of excess loads and gentle detoxification”. Consumed in the form of juice, it helps in promoting the elimination of waste products and purification of the body.

Carol Beaugrand explains: "Removing or mixing the cellulosic fibers is a valuable aid to our digestive system and allows for an optimal assimilation rate, which is the whole point of smoothies!" .

Finally, vegetable and fruit juices are rich in nutrients, which will contribute to a quick and comprehensive revitalization of the body. “Thanks to its alkaline and remineralizing properties, it especially helps restore the acid-base balance of the body,” notes the naturopath.

How do you make homemade detox juice?

To make a detox juice treatment at home, nothing is simpler than that! You need plants, and there are two solutions available to you to prepare: use a juice extractor, or use a blender to get juice.

Detox juices with extract

The principle of the extractor is to gently crush the plants, thanks to the rotational movement of the device. This method is interesting, because it allows to obtain high-quality juice, rich in nutrients.

The juicer will also separate the juice from the fibres, making the juice more concentrated in nutrients and richer in taste.

Good advice: as soon as it is extracted, the vegetable juice will spoil very quickly, so it is important to drink the juice obtained within half an hour.

Smoothie with blender

Another possibility if you want to do a detox juice remedy: use a blender. Smoothies, consisting of mixed fruits and vegetables mainly mixed with green leaves and rich in vitamins and fibers are also interesting.

“This type of smoothie is a real healthy beverage, with multiple advantages, rich in chlorophyll, containing minerals and proteins, which are often better tolerated by the intestine while retaining all the fiber,” explains Carol Beaugrand.

In general, it is highly recommended to choose seasonal vegetables and fruits, ideally from organic farming.

Good to know: Even if it is a drink, chewing every sip is highly recommended to stimulate the secretion of saliva that contributes to digestion!

What juice do you drink in the morning to lose weight?

As part of the quest for weight loss, doing a detox smoothie treatment in the morning, as breakfast, can be fun. You can choose juices or smoothies.

On the polluted side, we prefer preparations based on edible green leaves. Choose the darkest leaves possible, because their color indicates their richness in chlorophyll!

"A mixture that you can make in the morning for a nice flavor is about 60% fruit to 40% leaf, which will cover your basic nutritional needs," recommends Naturobach.

Also, all seasonal vegetables and fruits are interesting if you prefer to prepare smoothies with an extract. A must in the morning? Fennel, apple and lemon juice, with draining and diuretic properties.

Homemade detox: favorite foods and ones to avoid

Want to do a homemade detox? So it is preferable to eat the plants raw, in the form of juice, and in smoothies, turning to the maximum towards soft cooking.

In general, we get rid of refined foods, sugars and grains, because the goal of a detox is to relax the digestive system, neutralize toxins and facilitate digestion!


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