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Does yoga make you lose weight?

 Does yoga make you lose weight?

Take care of your line, tighten your body, and even lose weight: yoga is an ally to our silhouette. But not only thanks to the many positions that we achieve during the session ...

Yoga is above all a lifestyle

It's undeniable: By embarking on yoga, we pay more attention to ourselves, become aware of our body and care more about what we put on our plates. We generally adopt a healthier, more mindful, more balanced diet, and tend to reduce (or even eliminate) animal proteins.

This is the new lifestyle that stems from the world of yoga, associated with regular practice, which makes you refine and harmonize your figure.

Everyone's body is different, and everyone has their own metabolism, so results will vary, so it's impossible to estimate how much yoga will help you lose weight.

Also, you will not be able to see the results by attending a yoga session: you will notice the difference in the long run, provided of course, in parallel, that you change your eating habits!

Less stress, therefore fewer calories

Yoga not only improves flexibility and strengthens the body, but allows you to live more calmly. This system requires a certain focus, reconnecting with body and mind.

This focus, associated with the work of breathing during the session, lowers the level of stress, reduces anxiety, and teaches how to manage the emotions that cross us.

Thus, we learn to control our hunger and cravings (often associated with sudden stress or emotions) and, suddenly, to reduce the number of calories eaten.

Every position is beneficial for the body

In general, the practice of yoga strengthens the body by strengthening all the muscles, both the lower and upper body.

But each pose will bring something different: that's why variety is highly recommended. Also, the mistake we often make is to constantly perform the same poses: by doing this, we get used to the body and muscles for the same movements, abandoning other muscles ...

Balanced postures, such as the half moon where one is on one leg, draw deep muscles and harmonize the silhouette.

Inverted positions, like the chandelier, make us put our legs in the air. Postures are very different from those we adopt during the day when we stand or sit. Result: increased blood circulation.

Stretching positions, such as the triangle, allow you to stretch the muscles, thereby lengthening the silhouette.

Twisting poses, such as the sitting twist, turn the body on itself and give a massage to the abdominal organs, which helps with digestion.

Dynamic situations, for their part, will be more about strength and movement. This dynamic sheath deeply strengthens muscles and helps burn calories.

Ideal: Diversify yoga practices

Afin d'obtenir une jolie silhouette harmonieuse, il est important, non seulement de varier les postures de yoga qui ont chacune un intérêt, mais il est bien aussi d'alterner les pratiques de yoga, qui, ellen forcéportent, pa The same things.

Ashtanga yoga for example, is a type of particularly physical and powerful yoga where one is always in motion with a series of sequences. This will burn calories.

Yin yoga, on the other hand, is a more flexible and passive practice, which will enhance the overall flexibility of the body, thanks to more intense stretching, which will also lengthen the muscles and silhouette. Yin yoga also reduces stress levels and facilitates joint movement.

- Bikram yoga (or “hot yoga”), a system consisting of dynamic poses and breathing exercises, the peculiarity of which is that the session takes place in a room heated to 40 ° C, where the humidity is 40%, above all allows you to outdo yourself. During a session of an hour or an hour and a half, we consume a lot of water, because the body has to adapt to the heat. Thus, the energy expenditure is high and the muscles are very warm, which facilitates movement and allows you to move forward in the position and thereby lengthen the silhouette in the long run.

Tips to improve your yoga session

- Do not eat in the two hours before the session, because some positions (such as twisting sitting for example) will result in a gastro-intestinal massage. So it is better not to be in the process of digestion.

- If desired, the morning yoga session can be performed on an empty stomach. But it depends on everyone: it is important to know your body and its limits and to listen to yourself. You can eat a banana or a handful of almonds before the session if you feel the urge, but we avoid excesses at all costs, which make it difficult to perform the asanas, as well as relax physically and mentally.

Remember to moisturize 30 minutes before your session, and moisturize afterwards (why not do that with green tea), because, incidentally, it's an intense effort.

Make sure, in every yoga session, that you engage your muscles during the poses. This allows you to outdo yourself and go further in the situation.

The key to a harmonious and harmonious silhouette? Diverse and regular exercise (2 to 3 times a week), a balanced and conscious diet.


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