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Digestion and Weight Gain: Expert Tips for Surviving the Holidays

 Digestion and Weight Gain: Expert Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Christmas is not a gift for the stomach! To mitigate this, opt for simplicity and rely on small reflexes to digest the feasts.

Even if we don't overeat, we still eat and drink more than usual during the holidays. The result: headache, bloating, nausea... Without being really sick, we're flagada. No need to take out big drug artillery. To decongest and revitalize the liver, yes to Grandma's treatments. But beware of false friends,

 like strong coffee that soothes headaches but exacerbates acidity... We eat light to put a slight strain on the digestive system. And expelled from abroad! We move to re-oxygenate all of our little cells. Nothing could be more natural to stimulate transit and blood circulation and facilitate cleansing of the body. to digest

Drinking water is the first detox reaction, and dehydration is the main cause of problems associated with drunken evenings. We start to prefer the "indoor shower" as soon as we get home. Then the next day we drink at least 1.5 liters of water. Chinese medicine recommends hot water, which is more easily absorbed by the body, and does not need to be heated before it is absorbed. The heat of the water stimulates and lubricates the digestive system so that the entire digestive process goes smoothly.

Fresh pollen to activate

Too much ends up flat! The danger, then, is picking up the slightest microbe around you when you have to get back to work. A good plan: 3 to 6 weeks of fresh pollen treatment. Rich in vitamins and amino acids ... an unparalleled tonic that helps strengthen the immune system and regulate the intestinal flora thanks to lactic yeast and natural probiotics. The star for restoring your inner balance and energizing yourself is custard pollen, which is the richest in milk products (from the digestive system of bees).

lemon juice to filter

According to Raphael Grumman, Dietitian*, lemon juice remains a must “because it stimulates the gallbladder which pours bile acids into the liver to dissolve fats and drain alcohol.” If a cola drink works in the same way, the expert recommends instead in the case of the digestive system in order to "get quick-absorption calories in case of acute diarrhea. Its antiseptic and soothing properties reduce inflammation of the colon and stomach." . It is taken without bubbles and at room temperature so as not to irritate the intestinal wall. * Author of "Grumman's Method" publications Leduc.S.

Ginger to lighten

This classic spice against a hangover stimulates the secretion of bile and the activity of certain digestive enzymes, thereby promoting the elimination of its excess. It also contains gingerol which is able to block the receptors responsible for nausea in the brain. To try: a spoonful of dried ginger in a cup of boiling water. Leave it to soak for 10 minutes. Purifier. Effective in 30 minutes.

Banana increase

Bananas are rich in vitamin B and potassium, and are an excellent food to get you back on your feet again. Savor on a pale morning: mashed banana with honey. In addition to being very good, this fruit soothes the stomach and honey increases the blood sugar level. And of course, for at least forty-eight hours, we lighten our meals by preferring white meat (turkey and chicken) or white fish and vegetable puree.

Breakfast to recover

The day after a hearty meal, Maina Herriar, a nutritionist at Thalasso Serge Blanco in Hendaye, suggests eating this type of breakfast. When you wake up, drink on an empty stomach: 1 squeezed organic lemon juice in hot water. After 30 minutes, drink a large pot of green tea or 1 mint or ginger infusion. Consume: Two slices of wholemeal bread rich in fiber to promote transit and thus eliminate toxins. 1 handful of margarine, vegetable oil or oily fruit puree 1 compote without added sugar if it is too light.


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