Diet: the ten questions we ask ourselves when we want to lose weight

 Diet: the ten questions we ask ourselves when we want to lose weight

That's it, you decide, you control your silhouette. Should I make an appointment with a dietitian and nutritionist? Are all foods allowed? Is exercise compulsory? Answers from the specialist.

Losing weight is not very complicated. Step one: eat a balanced diet. Behind this expression we hear everywhere hides, in fact, a common-sense principle: a slimming plate should contain as many carbohydrates (we prefer them with a low glycemic index, which are better for streak and for health) than proteins (meat, fish, eggs and dairy) vegetable proteins, etc.) and fats (preferably vegetable fats, which are healthier than animal fats).

At the same time, we limit our alcohol consumption, avoid snacking between meals (the only exception: the snack, which should be eaten at 11 a.m. or 4 p.m.), we take time to eat (20 minutes is the minimum for a balanced meal) and we choose to cook Gentle that preserves nutrients (essential: steam cooking).

Balanced diet + regular physical activity = healthy weight loss

The second principle to follow for healthy weight loss: regular physical activity. If the World Health Organization recommends 30 minutes of exercise a day, we can totally break it down and incorporate exercise into our daily lives: get off the metro early, use the stairs instead of the elevator, speed while on the phone...easy.

If the sport does not directly make you lose weight (on the contrary: when you gain muscle mass, the needle of the scales tilts to the right instead), it nevertheless allows you to sculpt a harmonious silhouette and maintain steel spirits. - which protects us from cravings and maintains our concrete motivation.

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