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Diet app: What are the best apps for weight loss?

 Diet app: What are the best apps for weight loss?

Learn how to manage cravings, reduce snacking, prepare balanced meals, and engage in regular physical activity, and that's what these apps offer to download for free on your smartphone, right now. True allies for losing weight and improving your silhouette in a sustainable way.

Losing weight, wanting to improve your upper or lower body, feeling better in your sneakers, adopting a balanced diet...whatever your goal, these free apps will help you move forward, adjust your lifestyle, start a virtuous cycle, to be at your best their states, both mentally and physically.

Calorie Counting: Weight Secrets App

Playful Weight Secrets App offers a daily dashboard to support a person in losing weight. Each day, the "allowed" calorie counter set of your goal appears on the dashboard.

After each meal, you determine what you ate and how much. Then the app takes care of deducting these calories from your daily "budget", so that you can refer to them at any time. Very useful, when you want a snack, when you hesitate to crack in front of a pastry, when you already have all your meals for the day ... At a glance on the dashboard, you know if you can have this little fun or if the maximum number has been reached Calories!

Our opinion: The very feminine interface, fun and fun to use, as well as the many food options offered when you add a meal, allow you to get closer to reality, and have a close follow-up over the weeks.

The application of the secrets of weight for free with the possibility of purchasing options. Available on IOS and Android.

To lose weight and stay motivated: my slimming trainer app

After setting your weight loss goal, you can customize your avatar, so you can get to know it. Then select the reminders you want on your phone to end your bad habits: think about drinking more water, receive positive messages to stay motivated, don't forget to anticipate snacks for the day, consider getting physical, wait 10 minutes before eating dessert...and go ahead, You have your own virtual trainer on hand to get started and improve your character.

Calorie count, encouragement, tips in case of cravings, available reminders, your meal list: everything is done to help you reach the goal you set for yourself, before summer or simply in a few weeks.

Our opinion: This app is very complete, this app is a real boost for those who want to hone and lose weight.

My slimming trainer app, free, with option to purchase. Available on IOS and Android.

Eating a Balanced Diet: Vodfizer App

Take control of your diet by analyzing your meals with this targeted nutrition app. A food advisor works like a food diary and helps you make the right choices on meals. It's simple, just take a picture of your board, and read the analysis made by the app. It will detect each food and its quantity, tell you how many calories are in your plate, and its nutritional composition (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, etc.). At a glance, you will know if your meal is balanced and whether or not it contributes to the weight loss you set for yourself.

Our opinion: The app is great for learning about the calories and nutritional value of foods. Even when used from time to time, it helps to recognize harmful food associations with streak. the most? Option to scan a food product's barcode to get its nutritional grade in seconds.

The Foodvisor app is free with purchase options. Available on IOS and Android.

To reduce and build muscle, even if you don't like sports: 7 Minutes Workout

7 Minutes Peak Time: This is the daily time you can dedicate to your workout sessions to lose weight effectively. No special equipment is needed to perform the many muscle-strengthening and cardio sessions available in the 7 Minutes Workout app. Affordable, this workout is a real plus for those who want to burn calories. Flat stomach, toned legs and toned arms: Follow the instructions in today's video and do a gym session at home, outdoors, or even in the office, once you have a little free space in your day.

Our opinion: this routine, the intensity of which gradually increases, makes it possible to quickly observe the results on the silhouette, not too restrictive of the setting. No secret: regularity is the key to success! The notification system is useful to remind you that it is time to train...

7 Minutes Workout is free with purchase options. Available on IOS and Android.

To lose weight in one month: 30 Days - Fitness Challenge

Summer is approaching, your best friend's wedding is in a month, or are you intent on losing weight, and it shows? This app, which proposes to take a sports challenge over a period of 30 days, can be your ally! In addition to the usual gym sessions and a balanced diet, this fitness challenge will help you lose weight from head to toe in just one month. Abdomen, buttocks, legs, each session is an opportunity to work on a specific part of the body.

Our opinion: Upon launching the app you can select the areas of the body you want to focus on (arms, stomach, buttocks or legs), for a targeted training program based on your shape. In addition, three levels are offered to advance at your own pace and always go further (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

30 Day Fitness Challenge App, free, with option to purchase. Available on IOS and Android.

To manage cravings and cravings for snacks: the RespiRelax app

You can plan healthy, balanced meals, move a little each day, enough to lose a few centimeters and slim all over, but your weak point is snacking? Don't panic, this "stress management" guided app, which is based on the principle of cardiac coherence, will help you reduce stress when the temptation is too great. Le fait de vous focaliser et de caler votre respiration sur la bille qui monte et qui descend, va vous aider à apaiser les émotions que vous avez en vous, et qui vous poussent bien souvent à ouvrir le friet frietn et anything…

Our opinion: Not only does RespiRelax calm cravings, energize the mind when you want to crack, as part of a diet, but this app is also perfect for learning how to better manage your daily stress (in the morning before you start your day, before a stressful event, at the end of the day when you sleep , etc.). Stress which, specifically, is often a factor in weight gain!


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