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CrossFit: Best exercises to lose belly fat

 CrossFit: Best exercises to lose belly fat

Effective in Burning Calories, Slimming Your Body, Losing Belly Fat, Strengthening Your Cardiovascular System and Boosting Your Confidence: CrossFit is available to everyone and is beneficial for both body and mind. Here's everything you need to know about this ultra-modern system.

CrossFit: What is this? For whom is this?

Crossfit is an athletic discipline developed by Greg Glassman, who originally specialized in gymnastics.

It is a very effective training concept, and it aims to take as little time as possible for the people practicing it, with great results and progress.

CrossFit is a combination of cardio, gymnastics and aerobic exercises, which consists of training with functional movements (movements similar to movements of everyday life, such as lifting a bottle of bottles, for example), in a varied and high intensity manner.

“In CrossFit, what we look for during a session is to change constantly, to avoid the routine and somehow shock the body,” explains Morgan Moreau, gym coach at LA.SALLE.DE.SPORT Reebok.

CrossFit philosophy? Train at a high intensity, over a short period of time, so that the intensity is relatively high, but adapted to each person.

But contrary to what we often think, especially as the sport of CrossFit has become so fashionable, this discipline is not only limited to great athletes and is not necessarily practiced with the idea of ​​competition. In fact, this sport is within everyone's reach: it is enough to adapt the session to the level and physical shape of the participants, working in particular with body weight.

CrossFit benefits

We do good for our body

CrossFit has many benefits for the body, if it is practiced properly, and if the sessions are supervised. In general, with regular practice, the body is more durable, stronger but also more resilient.

We improve our silhouette

All muscles are stimulated during the session. The exercises are very diverse and the areas of the body used are never the same, which makes it possible to refine and build muscles, whether in the muscles of the abdomen, legs (thighs and legs), buttocks or even the back.

Change your lifestyle

Crossfit, like yoga, often comes with a healthier lifestyle. By practicing CrossFit, we are able to eat healthy food, to train better. Thus, we often see fat loss and harmonious weight loss in the silhouette.

strengthens your heart

The sessions combine gymnastic movements and also the heart, and the cardiovascular system works, which makes it possible to preserve the heart, and play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disorders, and some chronic diseases, such as diabetes or cholesterol.

We are developing in a good atmosphere

CrossFit is also about having a good mind. This sport is practiced in small groups and is always accompanied by a trained coach. "During the sessions, we always develop a team spirit, which encourages you and makes you feel good. Whoever finishes first, for example, will always wait for the last ... It's a healthy and stimulating atmosphere!" , explains Morgan Moreau.

Thus, this sport allows you to meet new people and share a moment together, around a common interest, all in a good team spirit.

We boost self-confidence

This sport is physically stimulating, but not only! Mentally, too, CrossFit is good. During the sessions, whether you are an athlete or not at first, you progress at your own pace, but the results are there, gradually gaining self-confidence, to go towards surpassing yourself. At the end of each session, having given everything, you feel a kind of satisfaction, which stimulates and strengthens the mind.

CrossFit: Best exercises to lose belly fat

hollow position

This exercise is a classic CrossFit. It is excellent for stimulating the abdominal muscles, and it is affordable for everyone, whatever the level.

To achieve hollow mode:

  • Lie on the floor, on your back.
  • Spread your arms and legs in line with your bust.
  • Raise your arms and legs, about 50 cm off the floor.
  • Gain abdominal muscles.

Keeping your arms and legs straight and up, and your stomach muscles taut, move your body forward, then back, forward, then back…

toes to bar

This very complete movement, which uses many muscles, is a little easier to reach and requires a little bit of strength, but there is an accessible version for beginners!

To perform the toes to the bar:

Hang from the tow bar.

When lunging, bring your feet as close to the bar as possible.

If you're a beginner, start by bringing your knees toward your abs, while hanging out on that pull-up bar.


Everyone can access it, and it is a well-known exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles.

To perform the sit-up exercise:

  • Lie on your back with your shoulders and pelvis flat on the floor.
  • Bend your legs and place your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Place your hands behind your neck with fingers crossed.
  • Straighten your chest without moving your feet and touch your knees with your elbows.
  • Return to the starting position, on the ground, and control the descent.

Russian development

This exercise, which will ask the abdomen deeply, can be performed with or without weight. To increase intensity when you feel comfortable, simply increase the weight of the load you are using.

To perform the Russian twist:

Sit on the floor and take your weight in your hand if you wish (balloon, water bag, etc.).

Bend your legs and raise your feet a few centimeters off the ground. The bust should be tilted back.

Balancing on your buttocks, twist the bust, escorting your load (or hands) to the left, then to the right ...

Good advice from the coach: it's no secret, to get slimmer at the waist, you should not only strengthen the abdominal muscles, which are the support of the torso, but also stimulate the cardiovascular system, so that you can remove the fatty shell that can be at the level of the abdomen. So it is not just a matter of targeting the abdomen only, but activating the metabolism in a general way.

7 tips to improve your CrossFit session

Plan 5 to 10 minutes of mobility exercises (planning active or passive exercises).

Warm up for 5 to 7 minutes to wake up the muscles.

Change the movements constantly, and do not stay long in the same exercise.

Add at the end of your full-body workout, exercises that target your abdominal muscles, and set aside about ten minutes for it.


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