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"Contain appetizing": tips and recipes for slimming from a nutritionist

 "Contain appetizing": tips and recipes for slimming from a nutritionist

During confinement, many people try to change their minds by regulating an aperitif through computer screens. How do you enjoy those relaxing moments without gaining weight? The nutritionist gives his advice.

"Stay home." This message, addressed to the entire French population, spurs them to devise other ways to create connections. One of the most famous of them is "aperitif". Nicknamed "Skypéro" or even "coronapéro", the principle is simple: share a moment of intimacy with family, friends or co-workers ... via a video call!

Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger... Many platforms that allow you to toast almost bread with your loved ones on an aperitif. An increasingly common practice, which must be repeated throughout the confinement period. How do you keep the streak while taking advantage of these key moments of engagement to keep your spirits high? Dr. Nina Cohen-Kobe, a registered dietitian, offers her advice.

Confinement: What if we made good eating habits?

In these difficult times, food occupies a central place. And for good reason: The stress and frustration of confinement can lead to eating more fat and sugar. This is called "comfort food". The lack of activity caused by staying at home reinforces this tension and promotes weight gain.

What if confinement was the perfect time to refocus on the basics? Reviewing one's sense of priorities means thinking first of one's health, and therefore of the way one eats. Good eating habits to adopt during childbirth?

  • Take time for breakfast
  • Eat meals at a specific time to organize the day;
  • Do not eat in front of the TV broadcasting disturbing information;
  • Don't eat too fast

Choose healthy foods, and bet especially on those that help strengthen the immune system, which can be recognized by their red (pepper ...), yellow, orange (pumpkin ...) and green (broccoli ...).

Find alternatives to appetizer basics

Appetizer time is also an opportunity to resume good habits while having fun. There are many ways to understand this joyful moment in a healthy way, but without depriving yourself. The first is finding substitutes for appetizer essentials.

To replace chips from the supermarket, nothing beats making your own! To do this, cut the potatoes into very thin slices with a mandolin, for example, before cooking them in boiling water and putting them in the oven. You can also replace salt with spices for added lightness. Fast and efficient!

Charcuterie board, which is very popular as an aperitif, can also be lightened. For this, you can simply bet on less fatty products, such as cooked pork, brisket or even turkey breast. Same for cheese: Bet on mozzarella, goat cheese, or canquilot, which are among the lowest priced cheeses.

What about irreplaceable peanuts? Dried chickpeas can be a good alternative. To do this, simply cook them in boiling water before putting them in the oven, and enjoy!

Containment: ideas for light and gourmet recipes

To develop healthy appetizer recipes, let your creativity speak! If you lack imagination, here are some examples.

Traditional raw vegetables (carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, etc.) are essential for a light appetizer! For extra indulgence, feel free to chop it up into sticks if possible, before dipping it in a sauce made with sheep's milk, herbs and a little onion.

It's trendy and good for your health: avocado toast has it all! To prepare it, simply mash the avocado into a puree before spreading it all on a slice of rye or wholegrain bread. Add a little olive oil, a pinch of salt, a pinch of lemon, and voila!

Hummus is a good choice for a light appetizer. But instead of buying it vacuumed, make your own. A trick that prevents you from going outside while confined and allows you to eat lighter food. To make homemade hummus, cook the hummus before blending it. Then add the sesame cream, lemon, garlic, cumin and salt. Hummus is ready to eat.

To put vegetables in the spotlight, you can also eat them cooked. Take for example carrots, cut them into slices, cook them in a pan, add garlic and cumin. Wait until it cools down to serve as an appetizer.

You can also cook tomatoes and red peppers in the oven (but not too much, so as not to lose their vitamin C content!), before crushing them into small pieces. Add garlic, coriander, mint and lemon. Leave to cool and then spread on toast!

Appetizing Contain: What about drinks?

It's no secret: alcohol should be consumed in moderation, a maximum of two cups a day and not every day. In addition to being harmful to your health, they are the archenemy of the streak! Lots of good reasons to find alternatives, more authentic, than traditional soft drinks and fruit juices.

For example, you can bet on kombucha, which is a slightly sparkling drink made from a live mixture of bacteria and yeast soaked in green (or black) tea and sugar. Ginger beer, a soft drink made with ginger, could also be an option. But beware of abusing these two drinks: if they don't contain alcohol, they're still high in sugar!

The perfect drink? Fruit infused water or lemonade with mint leaves. Refreshing and hydrating vitamin blends are perfect for keeping in shape during this challenging time.


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