Christmas log: What are the fewest calories you can buy this year?

 Christmas log: What are the fewest calories you can buy this year?

Every year, at Christmas, the same Christmas registry calls on our plates and turns the scales on the wrong side. But if this time you want to treat yourself without guilt, you should choose logs that contain fewer calories, but are quite tasty. What are the lightest on the market? Discover our selection.

The end of the year celebrations are fast approaching. Ten days before Christmas, many French people are preparing to taste whatever makes them happy. Some have already thought about the menu. For appetizers, you can have puff pastry, foie gras and smoked salmon cheesecake. Carpaccio and tartar can be served to beginners. Guests can enjoy turkey or capone with vegetable gratin for the dish. In terms of sweets, we're betting on the staple dessert of the holidays: a Christmas log.

It's clear that a hearty Christmas meal, again this year, may have an impact on our product line. Although this period is marked by hedonism and gluttony, it is possible to limit calorie intake. For this, it is advised to avoid sugary drinks and alcohol, and not to overdo it with foie gras or overdo it with sauce. People who care about their figure can also limit their calorie blast by choosing a lighter log. Because yes, some records are less rich than others.

Calories: what records should you prefer if you monitor your figure?

Weight-conscious people may avoid logs with high-sugar and fat fillings, such as buttercream or chocolate ganache, because they promote weight gain. Watching your line, it's best to bet on logs made of Bavarian fruity mousse. The latter is made with fruit, eggs, and cottage cheese (to replace fresh cream) and not butter. So this type of tree stump has less calories. You can also resort to logs made of ice cream or sherbet because they are also lighter than chocolate bars or chestnuts. But what records meet these criteria?

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