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Christina Cordola: The Six Diet Rules to Keep in Shape

 Christina Cordola: The Six Diet Rules to Keep in Shape

What are Christina Cordola's secrets to keeping streak and staying fit? In her book #BeYourself, published in 2019, the former presenter and model captivated with her eating habits. Here are the dietary rules you apply.

Christina Cordola gradually established herself as a major figure in fashion. But that's not all: In 2019, the M6 ​​presenter wrote a book called #BeYourself. She gives all sorts of advice, especially regarding her eating habits. The secret to healthy eating, according to Christina Cordola? Balance! She wrote: "Eat everything in moderation." Here are 6 dietary rules you apply to the letter.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

If the general recommendation for these foods is five fruits and vegetables a day, Christina Cordola recommends eating fruits and five vegetables, from organic farming if possible.

Avoid saturated fats

It is often found in animal products such as meat, dairy, or deli. But it's also found in processed foods like cookies or chips. Excessive consumption of saturated fats can lead to the emergence of bad cholesterol and promote cardiovascular disease among other things. So it should be consumed in moderation.

Reduce your salt and sugar intake

These two ingredients are often hidden in commercial foods. To be healthy, our salt intake should not exceed 6.5 grams per day for an adult woman*. But by eating processed products, this recommendation is quickly bypassed.

The same for sugars. In fact, while some carbohydrates are essential for the proper functioning of the body, others can make you gain weight and cause health problems if you abuse them. The refiner said he was particularly implicated in white sugar. So we sometimes treat ourselves with a cake or some dessert, but we limit its consumption as much as possible.

drink water

It is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of water per day on average**. Water is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Remember to hydrate yourself because it is this drink that helps transport nutrients and eliminate waste through the urine.

Pay attention to the quantities

Christina Cordola is very careful about the portions she eats during her meals. For her, a balanced dish is as follows: half is stuffed with vegetables, a quarter is for starchy foods and the last quarter contains proteins of animal or vegetable origin.

Choose the right cooking method

Get out of frying. Christina Cordola explains in her book that this is the worst possible cooking method. He is very fat. On the other hand, she recommends steaming, baking or wok, which requires little or no fat.


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