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Chitosan: 5 things to know about the fat burning molecule

 Chitosan: 5 things to know about the fat burning molecule

Lose weight and burn calories by absorbing the capsule: This is what chitosan, a dietary supplement that allows you to lose fat, promises. explanations.

What is chitosan?

Chitosan (or chitosan) is a substance obtained from chitin, a natural fiber found especially in the scales of crustaceans (shrimp, crabs, lobsters, etc.), and insects.

This chitin-containing product is available in supplement form, and distributors of these capsules generally recommend 1-month treatments.

Chitosan Capsules: Lose Weight and Shape Slimmer

Chitosan has slimming properties, and allows to get rid of the fats from our daily diet.

How it works ? Once in the stomach, chitosan turns into a "fat trap": it absorbs fat from the foods you've just eaten (fat), and excretes it directly in the stool, without it having the ability to stick to the body. If energy is expended, the body will therefore rely on the fat you have stored, thus promoting weight loss.

Thus, this dietary supplement will target more areas where fat is present, and will be an ally to slim the thighs, reduce love handles, get a flat stomach or even refine the buttocks.

Treatment, dosage and balanced diet.. How do you lose weight with chitin?

For results on the silhouette, it is generally advised to take a course of chitosan for a month.

It is preferable to take the capsules 10 minutes before eating with a large glass of water.

The dosage depends on the dosage of the active ingredients in the product, so read the instructions on the package carefully.

Note that there is no miracle, and it is important to have a balanced and varied diet, even as part of a diet of nutritional supplements to lose weight. To lose weight, it is necessary to re-balance the nutritional or diet, and regular physical activity!

Chitosan: A Controversial Dietary Supplement

It is important to emphasize that this process is possible thanks to the fact that the organism cannot digest chitin, and the intestine cannot absorb it, and therefore it is rejected directly in the feces, with what it “picks up” by the way. This can raise questions about potential health risks and risks of deficiency in certain nutrients in the long term...

The European Food Safety Authority also published in 2011 a scientific opinion regarding claims regarding chitosan, particularly in relation to weight loss, stimulating intestinal transit or reducing cholesterol. The scientists are clear: These promises are unfounded, and distributors, a priori, can no longer use them to promote chitin supplements.

Chitosan: warnings and contraindications

This supplement is strongly not recommended for people allergic to fish, crustaceans or mollusks. Those who wish to try everything, should inevitably seek advice from a doctor before proceeding with chitosan treatment, since extracts of crustacean shells are present in this dietary supplement.

It is also recommended that these capsules be spaced at least 4 hours from taking the medication and the pill, to avoid potential interactions or reduce the effects of the medication.


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