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Cellulite, Water Retention: Benefits of Acupressure for Weight Loss

 Cellulite, Water Retention: Benefits of Acupressure for Weight Loss

Pressotherapy is a mechanical method that reproduces palpation of manual rotation. It is indicated to relieve heavy legs, reduce water retention and improve the silhouette. Find out everything you need to know about this drainage technique.

What is acupressure?

Pressotherapy is a dispensing method based on a mechanical principle. With the device used during the acupressure session, we will work on the blood and lymphatic circulation to remove toxins and waste products in the body.

This mechanical system will reproduce manual lymphatic drainage (palpation rolling), with the difference that there will be consistent, more supportive pressure and may increase in intensity over the course of treatment, for an optimal result.

This method is offered in thalassotherapy, in beauty centers and by physiotherapists.

How does an acupressure session work?

During a pressotherapy session, which usually takes 30 minutes, there is nothing special to do but relax. If we choose to treat the lower body, we wear shoes equipped with air chambers, which will swell and deflate, to raise the pressure exerted with the chosen intensity. This pressure starts at the level of the feet and goes up throughout the leg and thigh. This same pressure will raise the flow from the lower body to the chest, which will then be evacuated through the circulation.

There is also the same abdominal or arm belt system with sleeves to wear and keep time.

This method is completely painless, you only feel the sensation of pressure, but the device adapts to the shape of the person.

If you feel light from the first session, it usually takes 5 sessions to get a visible result on the silhouette. Then in maintenance once every two or three weeks if necessary. The number of sessions will depend on many factors, and the set of goals.

But it is a treatment, so the body should not rely on the benefits of acupressure, but rather should use it as a booster.

Cellulite, water retention... The benefits of acupressure

Pressotherapy is a method that, over the course of sessions, can modify the silhouette.

The pressure exerted with the device will act on the water cells associated with water retention. This mechanical process can be a real plus for those looking to slim their legs, arms or abdominal muscles.

So it is an effective remedy against water retention problems, but it must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle to maintain the benefits.

These pressures exerted on a specific area also help reduce cellulite, by attacking the adipocytes responsible for that side of the skin.

As for fat cells, on the other hand, more sessions and more pressure will be necessary in order to “break” them.

Venous and lymphatic drainage performed with acupressure can also relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, and results can be seen from the first session. Ideal, for example, for people who work sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Good tip: Make sure to hydrate well after each acupressure session.

Pregnancy, high blood pressure ... Contraindications to this method of losing weight

Pregnant women, on prescription, can use this technique, except of course at the level of the abdominal girdle. A few sessions may be prescribed to relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, for example.

Note that acupressure is contraindicated in people with high blood pressure, phlebitis, and heart problems.

4 tips to improve your acupressure sessions

Hydrate well between sessions to help the body regenerate and eliminate itself.

Get regular physical activity, and remember to move daily.

Ban foods that are too salty and too sweet (ultra-processed foods) to reduce the risk of water retention.

Avoid overeating before a treatment session, as you will already strain your liver and kidneys.


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