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Cellulite: Top 10 Anti-Cellulite Foods

 Cellulite: Top 10 Anti-Cellulite Foods

Fighting cellulite while eating is possible! Certain foods, such as celery or pineapple, are a natural ally in getting rid of it. Fat burners, fat dryers or antioxidants, discover the 10 best anti-cellulite foods, to consume without moderation, to take care of your figure.

Celery branch: how to consume this anti-cellulite food?

This vegetable has diuretic, digestive and laxative properties. Do you find it difficult to enjoy celery because of its bitter substance? However, it is they that activate the lipid metabolism and thus make our cellulite disappear. Its plant hormones and essential oils are also very useful in the fight against cellulite. Celery also reduces appetite and removes some of the sugars and fats in the stool.

For your streak, forget the celery mayonnaise. Choose celery sticks in sticks accompanied by a little white cheese and chives. As an aperitif or in raw vegetable dishes, it is a treat and will be a hit with your friends.

Leeks, a slimming vegetable that helps combat water retention

It is your ally in the fight against water retention par excellence. It removes blockages from congested and tired bodies from overeating by eliminating toxins and fighting cellulite. Another plus, but not the least: it allows male and female athletes to fight off aches after muscular exertion.

Steamed shallots are ideal for the line. You can also do this with a light bandage. Shallots will go great with fish, pancakes, and more.

Green tea is a slimming drink that you should adopt every day!

Still called "virgin tea," green tea is an unfermented tea made from the dried leaves of the tea plant. Possessing a diuretic and slimming power, it helps fight water retention and, accordingly, cellulite. It stimulates lipolysis as it promotes the elimination and emptying of fats accumulated in fat cells.

Green tea also limits the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Certainly very good for your health, it finally provides effective support against cardiovascular disease and cholesterol. A real weapon against kilograms.

Drink a cup of tea in the morning when you wake up with a few drops of lemon, it is excellent for cleansing your body. Would you like a refreshing drink? Pour the tea yourself into a cup, add 2 ice cubes and enjoy.

Eggplant, the anti-cellulite food that eliminates fat

Eggplant is very low in calories provided it is cooked without a lot of fat, and eggplant helps to stop the fat that is absorbed during the meal and captured in its fibers, thus slowing down the level of fat in the blood.

How to consume this anti-cellulite food? Eggplant is best cooked in the oven or stewed to retain all its properties. Roasted eggplant is a treat.

Red Fruit: Eat red fruits as part of a balanced diet

The red fruit is very suitable for promoting blood circulation, and it also helps fight cell aging thanks to its antioxidant properties.

To take advantage of the benefits of red fruit, nibbling on the regular fruit seems to be the easiest way. You can also mix red fruits to make smoothies.

The benefits of onions on the silhouette

This vegetable lowers blood sugar levels and stimulates the elimination of fats. Fights cellulite and expels water. Onion also removes toxins, which helps purify the body.

Therefore, we add it regularly in the preparation of our dishes. Onion soup is also a great way to eat it. In addition, it is an excellent dish for calligraphy and wallet.

Cabbage is the ally of diets

Cabbage is a weapon against flatulence because it regulates sugar metabolism and quells your appetite thanks to the fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, calcium, iodine and zinc it contains. And yes, cabbage is good because in addition to that, it is very low in calories with about 28 calories per 100 grams.

How do we eat cabbage? In a salad with vinaigrette, raw as an appetizer with cottage cheese, a thin herb dressing and of course in soup.

Pineapple, the ideal fruit to fight cellulite

Its fruits and stems contain bromelain, which eliminates tissue filtration and reduces water retention. With zero fat content, pineapple deserves its place in the best anti-cellulite foods. Be reasonable about how much you consume in a day because pineapple contains sugar.

You can also eat plain pineapple, in a fruit salad, mix it with cottage cheese, etc.

Sweet pepper, one of the vegetables that must be eaten to lose weight

Red, green or yellow, it's up to you. Pepper has diuretic and anti-infective properties. It also makes it possible to reduce fat storage, to calm the appetite and to eliminate some sugars and fats before they are absorbed and thus reduce the formation of boils.

Peppers can be eaten in the form of gratin, salads or grilled. As a bonus, it gives color to your dishes!

Parsley is an aromatic herb that is added to dishes for weight loss

Parsley has diuretic, purifying, detoxifying and appetite suppressant properties. It has an anti-cellulite effect by reducing fat storage.

To take advantage of its benefits, simply introduce parsley into your dishes: soups, tomato salads, pasta 

⋙ Discover our top 10 anti-cellulite foods to fight cellulite!


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