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Cellulite, saddle bags... 5 easy ejections to slim down

 Cellulite, saddle bags... 5 easy ejections to slim down

Wipe out saddle bags, get rid of topical cellulite, tone your calves or slim your thighs: there's a solution for every little complex, with this targeted program, within reach!

I want... to slim the thighs

good exo recline

On your right leg bent, hands on your hips. The back is flat and slightly tilted forward. Alternate positioning the tip of the left foot to the side, then back, then forward...Keep your balance! Repeat the exercise 10 times on each leg.

+: Do regular jumping rope, which allows relaxation and muscle tone.

I want to... slim my legs

good exo standing

Facing a wall, place your hands flat in front of you. Hop on tiptoe for one count, then come back down during the landing brake, for 2 or 3 times. The body leans forward.

+: Swimming with short fins, making small beats.

To know: The best sport to purify your calves is a water bike, and that means... cycling in the water!

I want... to build my buttocks

good standing

, Feet parallel, hands on thighs, back straight. Pull up on the perineum and bend your legs as you lean forward, as if you were holding a bass drum. Go back up, control the abdominal muscles and the back is sheathed.

+: To strengthen the exercise, take dumbbells or a water bottle, in order to increase the weight in the hands.

I want... to erase the saddlebags

exo standing right

, hands on hips, take a step forward: feet, hips and shoulders in a line. Lower the hind leg towards the ground, the forefoot does not go beyond the front foot. Go back during sheathing, then change legs.

+: Against saddlebags, practice walking fast and dynamic as quickly as possible, preferably up or up stairs.

I want...get rid of cellulite

right exo

In order to have an effect on fat, you need to increase your cardio. To do this, there is nothing better than chasing steps, legs flexed and bent: Do 4 steps on the left, then 4 on the right, hands on your hips, or in front of you to make the exercise more difficult.

+: After your workout, massage yourself with a tennis ball. This self-massage can be done on the wall or manually.

3 Payment Apps

daily challenge

Hot Legs and Buttocks Month: That's what this app offers, which comes as a challenge. The number of squats to do varies, with sessions being more or less intense, and then some days off.

Quick session

No time to go to the gym? On your smartphone, choose the buttocks/legs area, and perform an intense 5-minute training session. the most? We do our session in the garden or at home.

5 Minutes Fitness Maison, available on the Appstore and Google Play for free.

A coach at your fingertips

To stay motivated, track your progress and compare yourself with your friends. As quickly as possible, training with 3D instructions is waiting for you to perform the movements correctly, as if you had an appointment with your coach.


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