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Cellulite on the buttocks: how do you get rid of it?

Cellulite on the buttocks: how do you get rid of it?

Cellulite can be tough and difficult to remove. In fact, eliminating or reducing orange peel is not an easy task as it sometimes resists the most draconian methods and diets. Find out how to permanently get rid of oily pimples on the buttocks and restore smooth skin.

Soft, visible, thick, painless or painful to the touch... Cellulite is the archenemy of some people. Contrary to popular belief, it affects both women and men and can appear on all body types. It can settle in the thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, knees and stomach. _ _ If the orange peel is harmless to health, then some consider it ugly, ugly and can sometimes turn out to be a real complex.

Cellulite is an inflammatory reaction. It is a collection of fatty tissue located under the skin. When these fat cells reach their maximum storage capacity, they can no longer absorb fats and form dimples. Adipose tissue swells and obstructs the lymph circulation, which leads to the accumulation of toxins. This gives the skin the appearance of the famous orange peel.

There are three types of cellulite: fatty cellulite, watery cellulite and fibrous cellulite. The so-called fatty corresponds to the excessive storage of fatty acids in cells called adipocytes. It is soft and painless. Watery or reticular cellulite appears due to water retention. It is recognizable by its softness to the touch. As for fibrous cellulitis, it is the inflammation of cellulitis, generally fatty, and covered for a long time. Unlike the other two, it is hard and hurts to touch.

What are the causes of the appearance of cellulite?

These fatty lumps have multiple origins. Orange peel can be hereditary. The number and size of fat cells are determined in part by genetics. Cellulite can also appear due to stress, venous or lymphatic insufficiency, blood sugar, fat, or thyroid disorders. Other possible origins: a hormonal disorder (type of birth control pill, cycle fluctuation, pregnancy, etc.) or an unhealthy lifestyle (a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, etc.). These many factors can enhance fat storage and increase adipose tissue.

How do you get rid of cellulite on the buttocks?

There are several techniques to overcome cellulite. These methods are performed according to the type of cellulite and must be adapted to the area in which it is located. The orange peel on the buttocks is usually greasy cellulite. To eliminate it and find smooth skin, it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle, in other words adjusting your eating habits and following proper training. Another technique: stimulating blood circulation with the help of massage.

Get rid of cellulite on the buttocks thanks to a healthy lifestyle

Cellulite results from a poor diet that is too rich in sugars and bad fats. Excess fatty acids cause fat cells to swell and impede the circulation of fluid, especially lymph, in the buttocks. Conclusion: toxins accumulate and an orange peel appears. To get rid of fat deposits in the buttocks, it is necessary to reduce fats and fast sugars. It is also recommended to eat many fruits and vegetables daily, and to follow a diet rich in fiber and omega-3s (oily, fatty, certain vegetable oils) to reduce the inflammatory reaction. Another tip: moisturize regularly.

Cellulite on the buttocks: get rid of it with sports

Exercising is one of the best techniques to say goodbye to cellulite on the buttocks. To eliminate cellulite, regular physical activity is necessary because adrenaline, a hormone secreted during exercise, stimulates small receptors located on the surface of adipocytes, encouraging them to get rid of stored fatty acids. The result: fat cells shrink, lymph circulation is disrupted and dimples disappear.

Some sports are more effective than others against the orange peel. Water sports, such as swimming, water aerobics or water bike, are recommended to fight cellulite and reshape the buttocks. the reason ? It smoothes and strengthens blood circulation in oily areas. It is also recommended to perform muscle-strengthening exercises, such as squats, lunges, donkey kicks, or pelvic raises.

Eliminate cellulite on the buttocks with massage

Fatty cellulite is caused by fluid stagnation. To combat it, it is necessary to revive the lymphatic circulation. For this, it is advisable to resort to daily massage. This will tighten the skin and "crack" the fatty tissue. The most effective method is the body movement technique. You can do this yourself by holding a roll between your thumb and forefinger and rolling it firmly up and down and side to side for at least five minutes. Lymphatic drainage with a physical therapist is also recommended. Another tip: Run a jet of cold water on your buttocks before you get out of the shower to tighten tissues and stimulate blood circulation.

Cellulite on the buttocks: how to prevent it from returning?

To prevent the return of fat deposits, it is better to continue to monitor the contents of your plate. Elimination of fats and fast sugars is recommended to reduce fatty acid storage in adipocytes. It is also recommended to eat foods that promote the elimination of fat cells: whole grains, bananas or peppers.


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