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Cellulite: a nutritionist gives us her advice to reduce orange peel

 Cellulite: a nutritionist gives us her advice to reduce orange peel

Marking her E=M6 weight loss programme, Alexandra Dallow, MD, tells us more about cellulite and gives us tips on how to effectively eliminate orange peel skin.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite, which gives the appearance of an orange peel, is a deformation of the fatty tissue located under the skin. They tend to be located on several parts of the body, at the level of the buttocks, thighs and also the hips or inside the knees.

This subcutaneous fat deposit is multifactorial. Genes play a role, but so does a sedentary lifestyle, stress, water retention, or even hormonal disruption.

How to get rid of it?

There are solutions to eliminate cellulite. Dietitian Alexandra Dallow, who, with Mac Lesggy, will share the E=M6 special “Why I Grow, How Do I Lose Weight” at M6 on Monday, May 6 at 9 p.m., gives us some advice: “There are a lot of ways to reduce it, and they are tangible.” Very, very realistic." The expert first cites the power of plants, to overcome the feeling of heaviness in the legs, when cellulite is associated with venous insufficiency.

She also recommends adapting your diet. “Sugar calls for hydration, hence water retention, while protein does the opposite,” Alexandra Dallow says. “A diet more balanced in sugars, fats and proteins would be able to improve these famous saddlebags.”

Exercise is highly recommended

To fight cellulite, there is no secret, you have to exercise. "If you're doing gymnastics in the water, or immersing yourself in the water, you naturally have very interesting drainage to reduce that filler." Also remember acupressure: a drainage therapy that helps stimulate blood circulation and relieve heaviness in the legs. But the uncomfortable feeling it produces is not always appreciated. In fact, it is necessary to wear a "shoe" in which air is sent, squeezing the legs.

The expert also mentions mesotherapy, which is a practice of aesthetic medicine. Alexandra Dallow points out that it consists of doing, among other things, "the little infusions of caffeine that we have in drugstores, it's a very interesting vegan remedy." "It's a fat burner (it burns fat, editor's note) that can be injected into the drip that will help reduce that cellulite."

Have you ever thought about lymphatic drainage to get rid of stubborn cellulite? More than an effective technique!

“It’s universal care. We can’t say there is a food that will make you have saddle bags or a disease that will make you have saddle bags,” she identifies, adding that cellulite is not just a woman’s affair: “Men who are overweight will also lead to a hormonal imbalance. Hence cellulite.


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