Cellulite: 10 sports you can get rid of

 Cellulite: 10 sports you can get rid of

That's it, you decide: you will eliminate stubborn cellulite. To achieve this, we present to you 10 effective and accessible sports to combat the orange peel!

There is no doubt that water sports are the most effective for eliminating cellulite. On the other hand, the resistance to movement associated with water increases the number of calories burned tenfold: we rely more on our fat reserves and, therefore, quickly become thinner. On the other hand, water gives us a drying massage that allows for better blood and lymph circulation: ideal for fighting cellulite and water retention. Aquabiking, Aquagym, Swimming... The choice is yours!

It is useful to know: If some physical activities promote the elimination of cellulite, then the effect of a sports session can be increased tenfold by ending it with a body massage, provided that this is done for at least 15 minutes using an anti-aging cream. Adaptive cellulite.

Against cellulite, bet on water sports

But to overcome cellulite, sports are not enough: you must also follow a balanced diet. The winning dish: less salt (because it promotes water retention), foods with a low glycemic index (which limits fat storage in adipocytes), more fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and potassium (asparagus, leeks, kiwis, red fruits...) . As for supplements, we prefer draining plants such as red grapes.

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