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Breakfast: Is it better to eat salty or sweet in the morning to lose weight?

Breakfast: Is it better to eat salty or sweet in the morning to lose weight?

Fruit juice, pastries, slices of bread with butter and jam ... In France, breakfast is traditionally sweet. But is this habit ideal for losing weight? Is it better to eat an English breakfast to lose weight? Precision nutritionist Valerie Espinas enlightens us.

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day. But many wonder if eating in the morning is really necessary, both in general and for weight loss. "It depends on each individual. Some people are much better off not eating breakfast. In this case, it is not recommended. Others, on the other

 hand, have to eat this meal in order to be healthy." Obviously you should eat this meal. Don't force yourself to take it or skip it. You simply have to listen to your body, and in particular its energy needs, before focusing on your weight," explains precision nutritionist Valerie Espinas.

Should you choose a salty or sweet breakfast to lose weight?

When you want to lose weight, the goal is to start the day with a full stomach to avoid feeling hungry and to snack before lunch. For this, it is advisable to eat salty food in the morning, according to the micro-nutritionist. “To lose weight, I recommend choosing a salty breakfast because it will satiate us better and our calorie intake is generally lower. The result: we will be less hungry and less inclined to snack,” says Valerie Espinas.

Conversely, eating sugary foods for breakfast makes you feel hungry more quickly because it increases blood sugar levels and gives the impression that you are full, when that level drops very quickly. Bottom line: Eating sweets in the morning enhances consumption of the sweetest products during lunch and the rest of the day. The reason is simple: "Sugar calls sugar". To lose weight, it is therefore advised to ignore cereals, white bread, fruit juices and many other foods with a high glycemic index.

What is the ideal breakfast for weight loss?

According to Valérie Espinasse, the ideal breakfast should include:

Grain product: a slice of black bread (rye bread or Viking bread), which is more satiating than white bread

Saturated fatty acids: mashed avocado

A serving of protein: pork, salmon or eggs

Weight loss: What foods should you eat if you want to eat sweets for breakfast?

If you want to lose weight, you are a fan of sweet breakfasts and like to eat sweets in the morning at any cost, you should prefer foods with a low glycemic index. A micro-nutritionist recommends eating fresh fruit or compote instead of jam, or even garnishing yogurt with almond puree, not sugar. She also recommends using grapefruit juice over orange juice. Obviously, the goal is to reduce the glycemic load to avoid feeling hungry a few hours after eating.

Weight loss: What are your favorite drinks for breakfast?

Whether you eat in the morning or not, it is essential to stay hydrated after a good night's sleep. "As for drinks, you can have whatever you like for breakfast, but it all depends on what you add to it. It's better to drink tea or coffee without sugar, herbal tea, infused water or lemon if you want to lose weight" defines Valérie Espinasse.


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