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Body Wrap: What Rolling Technique Prepares for a Flat Stomach?

 Body Wrap: What Rolling Technique Prepares for a Flat Stomach?

To lose weight and purify certain parts of your body, you can bet on sports. Others opt for a technique called "body wrap," which consists of wrapping oneself in cellophane to shrink it down. How it works ? And above all: is it really effective? We are evaluating.

What if the secret to a slim waist was in the kitchen cupboard or drawer? Losing your little tummy without dieting is a promise of body wrap, a slimming technique that has made a comeback in recent years. According to the followers of this method, cellophane (the transparent film used in food packaging) would help in getting a flat stomach. Therefore, it is enough to wrap this area of ​​the body with an adhesive film to lose a few centimeters of the waist circumference.

Body wraps: what is it?

Body wrap translates to "body wrap" in French. Therefore, it is a technique that consists of using cellophane to wrap the area of ​​your body that you want to slim. The more daring sometimes they cover their entire body with this transparent film. The body shell plays the role of a sheath. This is why some people do this way while exercising. This slimming process is not new. In fact, body wrap was a very popular method in the 80's and 90's.

This technique aims to stimulate sweating. Before wrapping cellophane on the target part of the body, you should apply a slimming treatment or a homemade mixture that will penetrate the skin. The cellophane wrap reinforces the effects of the product while creating heat to speed up the perspiration process. This phenomenon facilitates water loss and helps eliminate toxins that seep out of sweat. Result: the size will be more accurate.

There are three types of covers:

Patch wrap: The patch is made of a gel that contains active ingredients, such as sophoricoside. They can also contain natural extracts, such as jojoba seeds, or soaked in essential oils

Caring Wrap: Offered as a body mask. It contains active ingredients, derived from plants, known for their slimming, detoxing, fat burning and anti-cellulite effects. These assets promote the refinement of the waist

Homemade Roll: In this case, the mixture to be applied to the desired area is made on its own. For this, it is possible to use green clay, seaweed or essential oils.

In which areas should body wraps be used?

Body wraps are not just for the abdomen. It can be used on other parts of the body such as:

  • belly
  • the arms
  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • features
  • the size
  • calves

Body wraps: how does it work?

To implement this technique, we start with rubbing. You should then apply a thick layer of cream with slimming properties or a homemade mixture on the target part of the body. To do this, the skin must be clean and dry. Product selection is important to this process. It is therefore necessary to choose it well before applying it to the areas of the body because the types of wraps have different effects. The product must be allowed to penetrate the skin. So it is important during its application to rub and massage the part of the body to be polished.

Once this step is completed, simply cover the abdomen, for example, with cling film. For this, it is necessary to conduct several cycles to obtain several layers of cellophane. The body wrap should be left on for at least 45 minutes and can be worn for up to an hour. When the time is up, remove the wrap and rinse the treated area with cool or lukewarm water, then moisturize your skin. After performing this method, be sure to hydrate and drink about two liters of water. This process can be repeated several times a week.

Body wraps: what miraculous effects does this technique promise?

The combination of the product and cellophane will penetrate into different layers of the skin, cause the pores to open, accelerate sweating and eliminate toxins. This phenomenon burns fat cells and allows you to lose a few centimeters through the loss of water. At the end of this process, the skin becomes smoother and firmer. Another effect: the wrap in the form of care works to retain water and relaxes the person who uses it. And the wrap, resembling a mask, will gradually remove cellulite and "lift" the orange peel.

Is a body wrap really effective?

Package is not weighted with body wrap. The results of this slimming process are not expected in the long run. The loss of centimeters and the thinning of the target area are only temporary. The target part of the body becomes tender after the body rolls, because the person has lost a large amount of water through sweating. On the other hand, after a few hours the effect wears off because the person will rehydrate. Thus, the missing centimeters will be returned. Thus, body wraps are effective in the short term. Obviously, you should not expect a miracle result and rely on this method of purifying a part of your body over a long period.

American Youtuber Nicole Skyes tested the technique in 2015. She said the body wrap improved her stomach a bit. But it regained its shape after a few hours and glasses of water. According to Nicole Skeez, it will be necessary to do abdominal sessions or exercise to perfect the results.

A study published in the US National Center for Biotechnology in 2013, found that body wrap with aerobic exercise was effective in reducing belly fat. To reach this conclusion, the researchers randomly assigned 19 women to two different groups. Initially, the women performed aerobic exercises and wore a body wrap. In the second group, called the "control group," they only exercised. Visceral and subcutaneous fat was measured using ultrasound and quantified by analysis of skin folds and abdominal circumference.

At the end of the protocol, a significant reduction in subcutaneous fat was observed in the first group, which combined body rolls and exercises. Women lost a large amount of subcutaneous fat under the navel. The same observation is made at the level of the abdominal skin fold. Comparing the primary and definitive data from each team, the researchers noted that women in the first group lost more belly fat than women in the second group.

What are the risks of body wraps?

This method stimulates sweating. Thus the body loses a lot of water during its inclusion. A phenomenon that can lead to dehydration. This is why it is essential to hydrate well after the body wrap. Another danger: If cellophane is too tight, it can cut off circulation and cause dizziness. It is better not to press it. It is also not recommended to wear the wrap if the external or internal temperature is high, because the person can get heat stroke and feel unwell.


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