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Body Positive: 5 Instagram accounts that make women more complex and self-compatible

 Body Positive: 5 Instagram accounts that make women more complex and self-compatible

“Too fat, too skinny, too small, too ugly…” On Instagram, the sentence is everywhere. I was ? Yes, because that was without taking into account the new "body positive" accounts that are invading the web. Zoom in on 5 of them.

Who does good: we want the real

Sunday evening, 9 p.m. You have a date with the weekly blues and a bowl of chocolate ice cream. Between two spoons, you scroll through Instagram. On the show: Instagram viewers drinking cocktails by the water wearing the perfect silhouette? Stop, we stop here. Firstly because no one is standing on a beach like that - especially not on a Sunday evening - and because these young ladies show you what they want to show you (photoshop?). Except we want the real thing. So we immediately switch to the insta account which gives us some. Reality.

The one for our gray hair: Grombre

Where the account that gives prominence to gray, white, pepper and salt. Grombre was launched by a young American graphic designer who had her first white hair at the age of 14, a diminutive of "gray" and "ombre." And if for about 10 years she's stained it with sweat because she was ashamed of it, now I realize... she totally assumes it. That's fine, we and her 131,000 subscribers, too.

The one who benefits our skin: the story of my face

Kaley Kushner's Doctrine? Positive acne. What disassembles a large part of the population. She is now cured of this scourge that affects more than 15 million people in France, and continues to post pictures of her in the midst of battling this skin disease. On her account, she wrote: "Don't listen to bad advice, ignore those who make fun of your acne and don't let it stop you from doing things. Go out with friends. Go on this date. Go out without makeup...Life is too short to be happy, confident, and free."

Which is useful for our body: Zentita

Do you have knots because of your stretch marks, curves, or hair? But would that be the case if they were works of art, drawn, painted or coloured? of course not. And that's what Zenteta, the Spanish artist who uses color to enhance women's bodies and decry taboos about femininity, wanted to prove. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The one for our curly hair: thecurltalkproject

In our societies, having afro, curly, braided or braided hair can be a real obstacle. This is a shame. Thecurltalkproject is there to remind us how beautiful all these cuts are—and how mentally some of them have to be trimmed with good scissors—. Here too, a picture is worth a thousand words.


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