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Body Challenge: Best Programs to Sculpt the Perfect Body

 Body Challenge: Best Programs to Sculpt the Perfect Body

Shaping and tightening the buttocks, slimming the thighs, shaping the abdominal muscles, tightening the arms ... The goal of the body challenges is clear: to help you change your silhouette. We evaluate the best software.

Diet, body wrap, intuitive dieting, intermittent fasting, stress therapy, nutritional rebalancing... To build muscle or lose a few pounds as summer approaches, you're spoiled for choice but you'd better bet on complementary methods. What if the secret to getting a thin, firm and sculpted line in no time was just one click? Quickly hone your character, this is a promise body challenges downloadable online. These

 sports challenges have been thriving for a few years now on social networks, especially on Instagram. They are so successful because these gym training methods promise a perfect body in just a few weeks. Programs are structured with targeted exercises for a harmonious silhouette. Feature: It can be made anywhere and anytime. Here are the major fitness challenges to overcome.

Sonia Lev's Higher Body Challenge

The Top Body Challenge, created by sports coach Sonya Telif, attracts many Internet users and is currently a success. His program suggests losing weight and building muscle in 12 weeks. In his method, 30-minute fitness sessions are scheduled several times a week. As for the level, it increases during the weeks to progress and make the body work more.

Each day of the week is dedicated to targeted training: for example, sets of squats and planks are planned for Monday. All exercises are clarified, step by step, the number of repetitions and the rhythm to be maintained in the program are determined. In some sessions, it is necessary to use a jump rope and weights.

This program is a good way to resume sports and stay motivated because it allows you to build muscle and lose weight effectively. Also, it can be done in minutes. Nutritional advice accompanies the exercise program to adopt a better lifestyle and preserve the virtues of this challenge as long as possible.

This challenge, within everyone's reach, is paying off. Its price is 39 euros. To get it, simply register online on the Top Body Challenge website. Once the registration is completed, the person will receive their program via email in PDF format, which they can download and start running the following Monday.

rope jumping program

Thanks to a simple jump rope, it is possible to lose a few pounds in just 30 days. This gym challenge aims to improve your endurance little by little, work out your cardio, tone your legs, build your abs, improve your silhouette, and burn calories. How is this possible? Rope skipping is a complete exercise that works the whole body. At the beginning of the program, we start with 30 seconds of skipping rope. Every day the level rises. At the end of the challenge, the person will be able to do it for 5 minutes. At the end of the rope skipping program, you should jump rope as much as possible for several minutes.

Kayla Essence Bikini Body Guide

Australian trainer Kayla Itsens' show has been a huge success and now has a lot of followers. This athletic challenge must be completed within 12 weeks. It offers different 30-minute sessions and exercises designed to work and challenge all muscles. This challenge is intense and can be difficult for people who are not used to regular physical activity. That's why a coach advises starting with three cardio sessions, either cycling or swimming, a week before taking on this challenge.

The goal of this method is to burn as many calories as possible. In the program: Build muscle with squats, lunges, steps, and aerobics. For the Bikini Body Guide, an investment in equipment will be necessary. To implement this, people will need a sports mat and weights. To get this sports guide, you just need to download it from the program website for 52 euros.

Bodytime Beauty Program

This challenge was created by Alex and PJ, who are Bodytime certified trainers who specialize in body transformations. This challenge allows you to have a flat stomach, firm and round buttocks, slender legs and toned arms in 28 days. It promises fast, healthy and lasting weight loss by learning a new way of life. The program includes 7 fitness sessions of 30-40 minutes per week. To perform the exercises, you will only need a sports mat or towel. Food guide, videos and recipes to match the goals and level of the person accompanying the program. This challenge can be accessed at a price of 99.90 euros on the Beautytime program website. All you have to do is sign up for it or install the app on your smartphone.

Bikini Program With Sissy

Fitness YouTuber Sissy Mua is behind this challenge. It was a real success and now has five versions of the software. The goal of this challenge: sculpt the perfect body, lose a few pounds, and shape your curves in 4 weeks (for Bikiny Programs with Sissy 1 and 2) or in 3 weeks (for Challenge Editions 3 and 4). The YouTuber Method combines HIIT, cardio, and muscle building. Includes full sessions ranging from warm-up to stretching. The guide is free and available to everyone. Simply download it from the Bikini with Sissy website.


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