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Bo Ban: Could this balanced dish be a slimming ally?

 Bo Ban: Could this balanced dish be a slimming ally?

Want to order a meal on the go? Before deciding between pizza, sushi and boo cake, discover our dietitian's advice for making the right choice of silhouette. Focus on Bo Bon, a Vietnamese dish, which can become a slimming ally...

Classic Bo Ben dessert ingredients

  • Bo bun is a very trendy Vietnamese dish, and it consists of:
  • vermicelli rice
  • Raw vegetables (green salad, cucumber, carrots)
  • Aromatic herbs (mint and coriander in general)
  • A portion of marinated meat (beef or chicken).
  • Spring cabbage "eaters"
  • Some peanuts and onions
  • Nook Mum Seasoning Sauce (a sauce made from fermented fish)
  • Carbs, Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals: Nutritional Benefits of Boo Ban

Rice noodles provide complex carbohydrates that contribute to the distribution of energy throughout the day.

Herbs and aromatic plants provide vitamins, minerals and also fiber that contribute to a feeling of satiety and regulate intestinal transit and blood sugar.

As for the portion of meat, whether it is beef or chicken, it provides the necessary protein to maintain muscle mass.

So boo bin is a fairly balanced dish. If this dish can indeed be an ally of the line in the case of a quick meal (it's better to choose boo pan instead of, say, pizza!), however, it should not be abused.

In fact, the fried spring rolls that usually accompany this dish, as well as the peanuts added to them, are calorie foods, which increases the number of calories in the dish!

How do you reduce the bun cake and make it an ally for slimming?

In terms of animal protein, if you have to choose in order to "lighten" a po-pan, it's best to opt for chicken (or shrimp) rather than beef. Also, limiting (or even ideally eliminating) the portion of spring rolls can significantly reduce your calorie count. If you really can't do without neem in your boo cake, ordering it with a vegan version is a good way to make this dish lighter.

And when it comes to vegetables, there's no reason to deprive yourself: You can stick to raw vegetables and aromatic herbs, without feeling guilty! For seasoning, we do not hesitate to add spices such as ginger and turmeric...

Bo Pan, Sushi and Pizza: What's the best choice you can make when delivering a plate?

Bo bun alternative is the most reasonable option when you want to order food, when the choice is limited to pizza, sushi or other dishes to eat on the go and when you want to watch your character...

This Vietnamese dish is more complete than a sushi dish: sushi is sure to get an interesting amount of protein with fish and slow sugars with rice, but it does not have the fiber, which is a must during the meal.

With Makis or California Rolls, we'll get hungry more quickly. Also, do not forget that sushi rice is cooked in sweetened rice vinegar, which increases the energy value of the food.

As for the pizza to take or deliver, it should be avoided, as it is far from combining the qualities of a balanced meal. There is a large proportion of complex carbohydrates but there is often a large amount of added fats (cheese, marinated meats, etc.) as well.

And no, the portion of tomato sauce found in pizza is not enough to represent the correct amount of fiber.

In conclusion, Bo Ban has the advantage of being a relatively complete dish, which can be easily lightened, becoming an "ally of health and slimming" ...


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