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Black cumin oil: how to use it to lose weight and lose belly

 Black cumin oil: how to use it to lose weight and lose belly

It improves digestion, reduces cravings for sugar and snacks, and has an effect on blood sugar and bad cholesterol: black cumin oil is worth knowing! Learn how to use it to lose weight and lose belly fat.

It is used in the kitchen to spice up culinary preparations and take advantage of its digestive benefits, as well as in the bathroom to care for your skin, hair and nails. Focus on Nigella sativa oil, a vegetable oil with multiple advantages.

What are the benefits of black seed oil?

Nigella sativa oil is a vegetable oil that is also called black cumin oil. It is obtained from the seeds of black cumin, an aromatic plant found especially in Egypt.

This oil, which has a pronounced and spicy taste, can be used to flavor many dishes, and has many health benefits.

Its benefits focus on beauty, but also health.

At the same time, black cumin oil has stimulant, antimicrobial and antiviral benefits in the field of the digestive system, it helps improve digestion and effectively protects the stomach.

It is also widely used for skin and hair care. Its nourishing, regenerating and soothing action makes it an extremely complete daily oil.

Like castor oil, black cumin oil is ideal for strengthening hair and nails, but also to help heal skin, soothe mild burns, and ease eczema.

It can also be useful in case of cracking or fungal infection, thanks to its antiviral and antimicrobial effect.

Nigella sativa oil for slimming

Hypocholesterolemia (lower bad cholesterol in the blood) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), black cumin oil has an interest in weight loss.

Be careful, as Emilie Kapps reminds us, black cumin oil does not allow you to "dilute" in the strict sense of the word. On the other hand, it will have an effect on intestinal transit, which will have an effect on weight loss.

“The first step when trying to lose weight is to make sure we have good transit, and our digestive system is working properly,” explains the naturopath.

Indeed, poor digestion leads to a heaviness in the stomach and bloating associated with fermentation and the accumulation of unresolved toxins that have been stored in the body (in the blood, joints, and fat cells).

She warns that "wasting food stagnating in the body is the number one factor in weight gain, along with a daily caloric surplus." Having good and regular transit in this sense contributes to weight loss.

And black cumin oil is a great ally to improve digestion! Besides rebalancing food and regular physical activity, this vegetable oil will give a real boost.

"Niglin, present in black cumin oil, is an active ingredient that stimulates the digestive system. Consuming it will reduce bloating, and help maintain a flat stomach." Emily Capps explains.

On the other hand, its hypoglycemic effect regulates cravings for sugar and sweet snacks during the day.

The fact that this vegetable oil lowers cholesterol will affect the level of lipids (lipids) in the blood. It will facilitate fat absorption and allow better fat absorption in the body. This action on bad cholesterol also makes it a recommended food for type 2 diabetics.

How to use Nigella sativa oil?

Black cumin oil can be used in two ways:

  • Externally, by massage
  • internally in edible oil
  • Nigella sativa oil massage

For slimming use, you can choose a belly drying massage, which will facilitate the elimination of fat and moisturize the skin.

Correct Dosage: Do not use it in its pure state, as it contains a high percentage of essential oil. Always dilute it 20% in another vegetable oil (sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, for example). 3 month treatment.

Note that black cumin oil is usually well tolerated, but, as before any first use of a product containing active ingredients, it is important to test its application on a small part of the body before embarking on an abdominal massage.

Culinary use

You can also use black cumin oil internally. They will add flavor to preparations such as salads or detox smoothies. It is blended with other edible oils of your choice (olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc.), to fill it with omega 3 6 and 9.

Some essential oils are particularly interesting to alternate with Nigella sativa essential oil:

Peppermint essential oil (has the same benefits on the digestive system)

Ginger essential oil

Basil essential oil

Tangerine essential oil (in massage)

Celery essential oil (taken orally, it stimulates the liver, prevents bloating)

Tarragon essential oil (reduces puffiness)

What is the best black seed oil?

To take advantage of the benefits of black cumin oil, it is important to choose it well.

That's why Emily Kaps recommends:

Always choose pure (not diluted with other ingredients)

Choose an organic oil

Be careful online, with diluted oils, we don't really know the dosage and rate of the active ingredients

Black cumin oil: Contraindications and side effects that you must know

Not only is black cumin oil very strong in taste (it's very spicy), but its essential oil content makes it an oil rich in active ingredients, which must be diluted.

Pregnant and lactating women and children under 6 years old are prohibited.

Good to know: black cumin oil should not be heated, otherwise it will lose all its advantages (always add it at the end of cooking preparation). Also, being sensitive to oxidation, be careful not to store it in daylight.

To prevent the risk of a skin reaction or allergic reaction, always do a test on a small part of the body before using it for the first time.

Warning: It is recommended that you take a treatment for 3 months (wait a month before starting again if desired), or 3 weeks (wait a week before resuming a new treatment), respecting the indicated doses. An overdose puts you at risk of poisoning which may cause stomach pain and nausea.

How to lose weight with nigella seeds?

Like black cumin oil, the black cumin seeds from which it is extracted may have value in weight loss research.

To take advantage of the benefits of nigella seeds, which are very similar to those found in nigella oil, they are added to your daily cooking preparations. You can even make bread with nigella seeds, says Naturopathic Doctor.


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