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Bikram yoga: can you lose weight with it?

 Bikram yoga: can you lose weight with it?

Combine the achievement of postures that touch all the muscles of the body in a heated room, with breathing exercises to learn how to better manage stress and emotions: Discover Bikram Yoga and its benefits on the body and weight loss.

Bikram Yoga: What is this?

Bikram yoga is a discipline that has been around since the 1970s, and the 90-minute session revolves around a series of 26 poses, hatha yoga, and two breathing exercises, planned at the beginning and end of the session.

It's a yoga pose, very dynamic, and it's suitable for everyone. Whatever the level, absolutely the novice as well as the more experienced person will be able to enjoy the benefits of Bikram Yoga.

The peculiarity of Bikram yoga, compared to Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa yoga or even Kundalini Yoga, is that it is practiced in a room heated to 40 ° C. Of course, rooms in yoga studios are continuously ventilated so that the air is replenished.

Maren Ocean, a Bikram yoga teacher in Paris, points out that in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius, there is ambient humidity, “but the body gets used to this heat very quickly, and it is much less intense than a sauna or a steam room, which makes it an ideal setting.” to perform yoga poses.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Yoga is an effective anti-stress

In general, useful against stress. But Bikram yoga is particularly effective in learning how to better manage stress and emotions. The fact of being in a warm room, sweating, allows you to completely empty your head: the mind in what it is doing, here and now, is focused on the perception of situations, and not on the worries of everyday life. At the time of a Bikram yoga session, we put negative emotions aside, we separate, we feel calm when we leave, and the benefits to morale last long afterwards.

We enhance focus

: The fact of being in a hot and humid environment requires more body and mind that must be concentrated to carry out the proposed session. We are almost in a kind of meditation, under the influence of heat. When you begin, the body and mind must adapt to the particular circumstances of the exercise of this discipline, and always be present to the fullest extent thereafter, to carry forward the effort and practice. This is how we work, focus and determination.

A real addition to the back from

During regular practice, we notice a visible improvement in the back: we soothe joint pain in the upper chest, tone the back, strengthen the cervix and spine, straighten the abdominal girdle, and through training, your posture is significantly improved .

The whole body works

Thanks to the work during the session, all muscle chains and joints of the body are relaxed and strengthened. This prevents the risk of infection, strengthens the body and improves the general condition.

Weight loss

All required muscle, cardiovascular system in a room heated to 40°C, we can hope to lose weight by practicing Bikram yoga regularly. As a bonus, the silhouette is harmoniously enhanced.

Bikram Yoga: Can You Lose Weight By Doing It Regularly?

By training 3 times a week, we can hope to get results on the silhouette already after a month.

The heat provides a vasodilating effect, helping muscles to stretch, develop, and tone.

Achieving dynamic movements, in which all muscles are in demand, along with the work of the cardiovascular system with heat, contributes to weight loss.

Finally, giving up this practice, calming the mind, and managing emotions, greatly contribute to weight loss.

It is of course essential to combine a healthy lifestyle with regular yoga practice to get results on your silhouette.

Yoga poses that allow you to improve yourself

All postures are recommended to refine, give up and feel better mentally and physically. Some of them will help to strengthen certain areas of the body, or harmoniously improve the silhouette, such as:

Half Moon Pose: It will allow you to work out and improve your abdominal girdle. As a bonus, it provides a warm-up for the spine.

Cobra Pose: Will aim to strengthen the back.

Camel pose: Helps to gain flexibility, enhance the opening of the rib cage, and strengthen the movement of the body.

Chair position: All muscles of the legs (thighs and legs) and buttocks will be touched.

Finally, all the breathing exercises offered by Pranayam will not only increase the breathing capacity, but also help the body to release stress. A real advantage is to improve your lifestyle, tend to eat a healthy diet, and are less prone to emotions and stress.

5 Tips to Improve Your Bikram Yoga Session

For the best possible experience, go there without stress and without any idea of ​​performance

Moisturise well before the session

Moisturize well after the session

Don't come on a full stomach, but don't fast from the day before either!

Don't pressure yourself to lose your pounds, go at your own pace, and let yourself get carried away with regular practice, which will make you want to change things up little by little in your daily life, in terms of your lifestyle

Listen to your body, its feelings, and understand what makes you feel good


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