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Best chest exercises for bodybuilding

 Best chest exercises for bodybuilding

Build your chest muscles

The chest muscles are a part of the muscles that bodybuilders highly value and that's understandable. Thick, wide bras with a perfect abdominal girdle are often one of the first targets. So I thought that sharing the best chest exercises with you was something very interesting for you to progress faster. In bodybuilding, knowledge of exercises is the basis for building chest muscles. You will have to do them using different training techniques to shock them and break more muscle fibers in your chest area.

Chest muscles

Bras consist of several bundles. Each part can be developed using specific exercises.

Bra major and its straps

The upper fascia (the clavicular bundle of the pectoralis major muscle) is the upper part of the chest. It starts from the collarbone.

The main middle part of the chest is the largest area of ​​the chest which is often a source of good thickness for the rib cage.

The inferior pectoral bundle is the lower part of the pectoralis major muscle. Exercises such as low pressure are often used to distinguish the lower chest muscles from the beginning of the cardio.

Why do chest muscles work in bodybuilding?

We won't hide it, bras are a muscle group that we all want to develop. A thick rib cage is synonymous with power. Fun chest exercises are often the first exercises you'll do. Let's get down to business and start describing the best chest muscle exercises for building chest muscles.

Best chest exercises

Dumbbell bench press, chest exercise for fish

The exercise for the pectoral muscles is considered a rule with the bench press, it allows a greater amplitude of execution than its counterpart.

Execution of the movement: starting position, lying on a horizontal bench, dumbbells in the hand, elbows bent parallel to the floor. Lift the load vertically until your arms are almost straight and join the dumbbells. Then come back down, and control the load while bending your elbows.

Muscles worked: You mainly work the pectoralis major, the front of the shoulder, and the triceps.

Variations: You can also perform this chest exercise by rotating the handles at the end of the concentric stage.

Precautions: Avoid lowering your elbows too low, they should remain parallel to the floor.

Barbell Bench Press, Unbeatable Chest Bodybuilding Workout

This exercise forms the base of the chest muscles. No doubt you've heard of it before.

Execution of the movement: starting position, lying on your back on a flat horizontal bench, feet well on the floor for stability and balance. Eyes under the bar. Put your hands about shoulder width apart. Loosen the strap and go down to control the load on the box. Extend the bar and exhale at the end of the movement.

Muscle work: The bench press is a chest exercise that includes all the chest muscles such as the large chest and pectoralis minor muscle as well as the front of the shoulder and triceps.

Variations: You can perform this chest exercise on a safety-oriented frame. This initially allows you to focus on the movement without any idea of ​​balance and stability.

Precautions: Avoid doing this exercise with very heavy loads when starting. Also, reduce its use if you have long forearms, as the pectoralis major will be most stretched.

Press the oblique bar to develop the chest in the upper part

Here is an exercise to strengthen the chest muscles in a targeted manner.

Execution of the movement: Sit on a bench at a 45-degree angle, eyes under the crossbar. Hold the barbell with an overhand grip that is more than shoulder width apart. Unhook the strap and lower to the chest, then pull back.

Muscles worked: You mainly work the upper bundles of the pectoralis major, the anterior part of the shoulder, and the triceps.

Variations: This chest exercise can be done with a directed frame.

Precautions: Take care to control movement.

Dumbbell press, which is a chest exercise to target the lower body

Execution of the movement: the starting position, lying on a bench inclined at an angle of 20 degrees, with your head down. Take the dumbbells in the hand in the prone with the arms parallel to the floor. Push up so the dumbbells meet above your chest. Then slowly return to the starting position.

Muscles worked: This exercise allows you to exercise the chest muscles on a part of the large chest, especially the lower beams. The triceps and the front of the shoulders are also seamed.

Variations: This exercise can be performed in your chest session using a barbell or a router frame. When the bar reaches the neck level, this exercise promotes maximum tension of the pectoralis major muscle.

Lying dumbbells fly, work on the chest in width

 This chest exercise provides perfect isolation of the chest, causes maximum stretching of this area, allowing muscle fibers to relax.

Execution of the movement: the starting position, lying on your back on a horizontal bench, dumbbells in your hand, arms extended towards the ceiling. Slowly spread your arms until they are horizontal (parallel to the floor). Then raise your arms to return to the starting position.

  • Muscles worked: you work out all the muscles of the chest.
  • Variations: This pectoral exercise can be performed with a bench inclined at 30 degrees.
  • Precautions: Do not overdo this exercise.

Standing pulley fly, which is a chest exercise to be included in the chest bodybuilding program

Execution of the movement: standing position, one foot forward, the other back, the bust slightly tilted forward. Take the pulleys in your hands keeping your elbows slightly bent and hook them in front of your chest. Determine the time of contraction, then slowly return to the starting position.

Muscles work: the main chest muscles work.

Variations: You can perform this chest exercise by changing the inclination of the chest and the angle of the arms to work the chest in different parts. You can also perform this chest exercise by adjusting the pulleys under the opposite pulley and back to target the top of the main chest beams.

Precautions: Do not put on weight, it is better to have a good movement with good contractions rather than a heavy load.

The vest, the perfect chest exercise to open the rib cage

Execution of the movement: upper back on the bench, hold the dumbbells with both hands and lower the dumbbells behind the head. Make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent.

Muscles worked: You work the pectoralis major, the long head of the triceps brachii, the latissimus dorsi, and the anterior muscle.

Variations: You can perform this chest exercise with your back fully extended on a bench.

Precautions: Don't be too heavy, the goal of this pectoral exercise is to tighten the cage and work the thickness of the chest.

Best chest software

We can't leave each other without giving you the best chest program. This program refers to years of hard training to quickly develop chest muscles.

  1. Best chest software
  2. Rehearsal series exercises Implementation
  3. Pulley gaps in reverse 3 15

Using this isolation exercise at the beginning of a chest session allows for effective pre-exertion of the chest in order to recruit them more later with a basic exercise.

  • Dwell time: 45 seconds
  • Dumbbell bench press 4 10
  • This exercise is the basis for strengthening the chest.
  • Carry out the movement that controls the load up and down.
  • Rest time: 1 minute 15 seconds
  • angled iron piston 4 10
  •  This exercise, when done well, allows you to work out the chest on the upper part.
  • When performing, it is preferable to descend the tape at the level of the neck.
  • Rest time: 1 minute 15 seconds
  • Dumbbell fly 4 15
  • No need to put too heavy loads, but prefer perfect and disciplined execution.
  • Rest time: 1 minute
  • * Suitable program for intermediate and advanced bodybuilders.


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