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Beautiful Vegetarian Diet: How to Lose Weight and Phytotherapy

 Beautiful Vegetarian Diet: How to Lose Weight and Phytotherapy

Consuming some plants facilitates weight loss. You still need to know how to do this. We show you all the keys to losing weight with herbal medicine.

In alternative medicine, plants are used to relieve or even treat many diseases. It is also useful for accelerating the process of losing weight, especially thanks to its action on hunger. Some of them are called "appetite suppressants", they regulate and reduce appetite. Such is the case for psyllium, better known as plantain, carob and konjac, which can be eaten as pasta.

There is also the griffonia, a plant used in case of symptoms of depression or insomnia. “It also plays a role in sweet cravings,” says Dr. Laurent Chevallier*, a nutritionist and botanist. Most of these plants should be consumed in supplement form, which can be found at the pharmacist and during treatment. Three weeks.

Drying plants against cellulite

In addition to consuming plants that aim to reduce appetite, we can also resort to those that drain, that is, they work against water retention and cellulite . The doctor says: “There is hawthorn, witch hazel, meadowsweet. You can take a mineral plant such as nettle or horsetail, which helps to strengthen the tissues.” “These are plants that can be taken as an herbal tea, a pint a day for 21 days,” he says.

Dr. Chevalier also recommends eating cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla in yogurt or cookies as an alternative to sugar. “We can also add herbs and garlic to our dishes to reduce salt use and combat cardiovascular disease.” To see a real change on the scale, it is essential to eat a balanced diet, engage in regular physical activity, and avoid processed foods and endocrine disruptors that promote weight gain.

Be careful if you are taking medication

It is advisable to clearly state whether you are following a pharmacist's treatment, because the consumption of plants, such as orthosiphon (Java tea), can interfere with the taking of the drug. Therefore, Dr. Chevalier recommends "use caution". This is especially the reason why it is better to buy plants in pharmacies to check the quality of products and get advice on dosage.


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