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Autumn detox: a program to maintain the streak

 Autumn detox: a program to maintain the streak

Why not let yourself be tempted by a detox treatment? It may be time to detoxify your body to prepare it for the winter with New Year's Eve and their holidays in good conditions.

Autumn is perfect for recharging your body's batteries. Here are our tips for a successful detox treatment at this time of year.

What is the detox treatment?

Have you ever heard of a "detox"? It is simply a diet whose ultimate goal is to rid the body of blocked toxins. This dietary practice was born in the United States over a short period with the aim of supporting the functioning of the tonic organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs. True airlocks to evacuate organic waste, these are the ones that clean the body naturally. Recovery time, then it's all about helping them. How to succeed in the treatment of detoxification? By preferring to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, along with good hydration and proper physical activity.

Detox therapy: why in the fall?

Like spring, fall is an intermediate season that is particularly conducive to detox therapy. why ? Quite simply because it helps purify the body in anticipation of the harsh winter. The positive effects of summer are fading away gradually. The start of the new school year has begun in full swing, and the first signs of fatigue are beginning to appear. This is the perfect time to energize and prepare your body for the first winter frost.

till when ?

If you are planning to have a detox treatment, you must first ask yourself the right questions in order to put the possibilities on your side. Indeed, the duration of your diet must necessarily adapt to your daily lifestyle, as well as to your current physical condition. If the goal is to purify your body, it should not be forced to rely on its reserves.

According to your answers, you will be able to choose the most suitable program for your profile. In any case, nutritionists strongly advise against sticking to detox treatments for extended periods or more than twice a year. Additionally, if you are on medication or if you have any doubts, feel free to consult your doctor first.

Which foods do you prefer?

The peculiarity of the detoxification treatment is the preference for seasonal and local products. In addition to being financially affordable, fruits and vegetables taste better when their natural production cycle is fully respected. And in the fall, you will be spoiled for choice. In terms of fruit, you can let yourself be drawn to peaches, grapes, bananas, or even pears. As for vegetables, it is more than broccoli, eggplant, fennel, turnip, pumpkin or dandelion. Enough to tickle your taste buds, while ridding your organs of toxins!

One-week detox treatment: which program?

Whatever the period during which this is done, the detox treatment should include two phases.

The first is detoxification. But with winter approaching, it is indisputable to weaken his body by exposing him to an excessive diet. It is therefore necessary to go lightly, for the first two days, with fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, white meat, fish and, above all, be sure to drink plenty. The most important thing is to limit the consumption of fats and to consume only fresh products. Once your body gets used to it, continue your cleansing diet by eliminating animal proteins for the next three days.

From now on, you can start the second stage of activation by gradually reincorporating meat, without stopping to eat fruits and vegetables.


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