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Auriculotherapy for weight loss: how is the session?

 Auriculotherapy for weight loss: how is the session?

Acupuncture, acupuncture for the ears, is a gentle and potentially interesting way to accompany weight loss. We are evaluating this slimming boost, which has become a trend in recent years.

“The ear is the whole representation of the body,” says Laurent Turlin, a practitioner of Chinese medicine. Auriculotherapy is a gentle method aimed at rebalancing energies through auricular stimulation, and may be of interest in pain management, but also in research on weight loss. Here's how this technique works.

What is the treatment of auricol?

Auriculotherapy is an ancient method, updated in the 1950s by Dr. Paul Nougier, a doctor from Lyon, a homeopathic and acupuncturist.

The term ear therapy ("Therapeuein" in Greek means "to heal", and "auricula" in Latin means "little ear"), refers to reflexology that uses the ear ward to treat ailments.

This alternative medicine is inspired by techniques already used in acupuncture and considers that, at the level of the auricular wing, there is a “projection of points corresponding to different areas of the body,” explains Laurent Tourlin.

For this Chinese energy practitioner, “Our ears are the control tower of our bodies, they are the dashboard and the control panel.” Thus, binaural therapy aims to treat various conditions by stimulating points or areas in the auricular flank.

Hearing aid treatment: its main indications

This stimulation can be done by micro-massage, injections, micro-electric currents, magnetic fields (the use of magnets), or a laser.

By stimulating specific areas of the ear, the doctor will be able to treat disorders, or complete conventional care, for people with back pain, migraines, osteoporosis, or some eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia ...), for example.

Note that Oricolin is not recommended for pregnant women. This method does not replace consulting a doctor, and in case of doubt, always seek medical advice.

Auriculotherapy for weight loss

This method may also be useful for people looking to lose weight.

“Because of its proximity to the brain, the ear is an ideal remote switch to the satiety zone. Stimulating this zone gives the body information to balance its demand for food,” explains Laurent Turlin, who developed his Auriculo-Énergie device.

Previous scientific studies (in particular, work by Korean researchers and published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine), have already demonstrated the interest of auricular acupuncture in the management of overweight and obesity.

Thus, stimulating specific areas of the ear can help people who want to lose weight, particularly by significantly reducing cravings for snacks. The results on the silhouette will be present, but of course only if the ear therapy sessions are accompanied by a change in diet and regular energy expenditure.

Several sessions, approximately every 10 days, may be necessary to send these signals to the brain through ear stimulation. The number of sessions varies by situation, and will depend on the person's goals.

“There may be a plateau, or, for one to two weeks, the weight stagnates: it is perfectly normal, you must give the metabolism time to regulate itself. Patience is necessary ...”, the practitioner wishes to specify.

How is a hearing therapy session performed?

To begin, the practitioner will conduct a thorough evaluation with the person, in order to determine a "strategy for action," to re-balance the energies.

To receive treatment, the person lies on a table. The therapist sits in the back and looks for "painful areas", feeling for both ears. Once the painful area is identified, the practitioner will be able to stimulate the points, either by massage, by placing needles (as in acupuncture), or with the help of a laser.


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