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Arm Weight Loss: Best Tips and Exercises for Noticeable Results

 Arm Weight Loss: Best Tips and Exercises for Noticeable Results

Palpat roll, radio frequency, slimming wrap... Several techniques allow you to have beautiful arms. But how do we improve this area of ​​our body through sports without resorting to these methods? Coach Kevin Priolle shares his tips for toning your arms.

Some parts of the body such as the thighs and buttocks store fat easily. This can also be the case with the arms and when fat collects in this area, the skin tends to get stuck. This is what some call the "towel" or "bat" effect. While some people don't pay attention to armpit fat, for others it can be a real problem. So how do you get slim and toned arms?

Refine Your Arms: What Sport Should You Do?


Athletic trainer, Kevin Priolle, recommends swimming to strengthen your arms. To restore the graceful shape of this part of the body, he recommends, for a start, to do a global work, that is, burn calories, before toning this area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe body. “This is possible thanks to swimming. This sports activity allows you to do cardio and exercise the upper and lower body. In addition, everyone can do it because when you swim, you allow yourself to go. And wear the water. Thus, an overweight person, for example The example, is able to do this to hone his arms,” he develops.


Another sport that has pointed arms: boxing. Open to all audiences, this exercise activity is recommended by Kevin Priol because it offers the potential to combine cardio and muscle strengthening. While practicing it, we touch different muscles thanks to certain movements that we make with our arms, like a bouncer. "This sport allows you to exercise his arms well," he adds.

What about racquet sports? According to a sports coach, tennis, badminton or paddling are not ideal sports activities to tone your arms because when you do these sports, you only work with one arm.

What exercises can strengthen your arms?

arm curl

Kevin Priolle also recommends different arm toning exercises. The first movement suggested by the athletic trainer is arm flexion. "It allows you to use the biceps, the muscles inside the arm," he adds.

To do this, you need to bring dumbbells that you will hold with both hands. Stand upright with your arms at your sides and your feet hip-width apart. Then "bring the forearm toward the biceps." Hands and weights should be at shoulder level. Then we go back to the starting point.

arm extensions

The gym trainer also suggests doing arm extensions with or without dumbbells. "In this case, we work the triceps, or the muscles in the back of the arms. During this movement, we work the part of the arm where the skin can hang," he says. To perform this exercise, stand up and slightly extend your legs. We extend our arms toward the ceiling and then bring our hands or weights back to neck level. Then we return to the initial position.


Diving exercises the triceps muscle. To perform this exercise, you must stand with your back on a bench, chair or "sofa". Place your hands shoulder width apart at the edge of the chair. The knees should be bent and the toes on the floor slightly raised. Then bend the arms until the elbows reach shoulder height and then push up.


Kevin Priolle also recommends betting on pushups because this exercise works the arms, shoulders and chest. "To do this movement, it is possible to stand on your tiptoes or on your knees. You can also do this against a wall or a door. In this case, you have to stand and put your feet farther toward the 'back,'" he explains.

Jump rope

According to a trainer, it can also be interesting to use a jump rope to strengthen your arms, as this activity allows you to tone them while doing cardio.

Tips for getting thinner arms

To strengthen and strengthen your arms, the ideal option is to alternate between strengthening your core and core muscles. Thus we can do a custom arm session three times a week and run, walk or swim on the other days. “We always try to have a day of rest in between each session,” Kevin Priolle states. With regard to exercises, it is recommended to do three sets of 15 or 20 repetitions at a minimum. Some of the movements have to be done with dumbbells, but "if we don't have it at home, we can use water bottles. It is also possible to fill the bottles with sand," the athletic trainer points out.


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