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Apple cider vinegar: How do you use it to increase weight loss?

 Apple cider vinegar: How do you use it to increase weight loss?

Stabilize blood sugar, reduce snacking, aid digestion after a heavy meal, stimulate intestinal transit, promote sleep... Discover the benefits of apple cider vinegar and the advice of Alexandra Richen, Dietitian, to increase weight loss thanks to this spice.

Weight loss: slimming with apple cider vinegar, is it possible?

Apple cider vinegar has an interesting property for the body, which will have a positive effect on health, but also on the line. This condiment, which is often used in cooking, to prepare vinaigrette for example, has an interest in weight loss, but under certain conditions ...

A boost after a heavy meal

After overeating a meal, digestion can be difficult. In fact, your blood sugar levels will rise (this is your blood sugar level), prolonging your digestion time. By taking apple cider vinegar, we will reduce the level of sugar in the blood, thus facilitating transit.

Apple cider vinegar facilitates intestinal transit

Therefore, apple cider vinegar has a positive effect on digestion after a heavy meal. But also on a daily basis, it will be able to stimulate digestion and promote good intestinal transit. Thus, we will deal with the problems of bloating and constipation, we will get rid of them more easily, we will remove more toxins and this can play on weight. And yes, better digestion is a major factor in weight loss!

A trick to reduce snacking

Apple cider vinegar can be a weight loss ally in the sense that it will help reduce snacking between meals. And here again, it is its role in blood sugar that allows it: By lowering blood sugar, reducing high peaks in blood sugar levels, and stabilizing blood sugar, we have less desire to snack on sweet foods or Overtreatment. The risks of jumping on a box of cake, a bowl of chips are less... This will have an effect on eating behaviour, and will allow for a better balance in meals. As a bonus, the fact that blood sugar is stable will have an interest in preventing diabetes.

Apple cider vinegar speeds up the fat loss process

Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, which is an organic acid, and it speeds up the dissolution of fats. And the specialist explains: "It should be noted that there is nothing miraculous in this, but previous studies have shown that acetic acid contributes to reducing fat in cells, and in this way contributes to weight loss."

Provides minerals, in addition to the diet

As part of a diet, or when you care about what you eat, apple cider vinegar can be fun because it is rich in minerals. It contains calcium and phosphorous and can be a supplement if the nutritional intake in your food is insufficient.

Low in sugar and therefore low in calories

If apple cider vinegar can stimulate intestinal transit, limiting snacking between meals, it has another advantage as part of a diet or balanced diet. In fact, this condiment is very low in calories compared to the others.

For example, balsamic vinegar contains 19 grams of sugar per 100 grams, while apple cider vinegar contains only 0.4 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

Which makes it an ideal ingredient for seasoning dishes without increasing the number of calories in the dish...

Apple cider vinegar: how to use it to lose weight?

Do you want to consume apple cider vinegar on a daily basis, to lose weight, improve digestion or simply maintain a streak? For this, you have two options available to you, which are equally effective:

Take a teaspoon in a little hot water, before meals (about 30 minutes before enjoying the benefits of digestion)

Add apple cider vinegar to your dishes as quickly as possible to season your recipes and enjoy the benefits of this vinegar

Be careful, apple cider vinegar is not a magic wand. Its positive effects on the line can only be observed in the context of a balanced and varied diet, as Alexandra Retion reminds us. "If you eat fast food every day, and consume apple cider vinegar every day, don't expect to lose weight!" , as you say.

Contraindications and precautions you should know before starting

If apple cider vinegar has many benefits for the body, there are still contraindications to know and precautions to take when taking it.

Because of its acidity, it is highly recommended not to take it every day if:

  • You suffer from gastritis
  • You suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
  • You have a stomach ulcer

Also, just like lemon, it is better to avoid drinking pure apple cider vinegar, it is better to dilute it with a little water, because its acidity can also damage tooth enamel and can be aggressive on the walls. stomach, even in people with stomach problems.

Drinking apple cider vinegar before bed: good or bad idea?

If the idea of ​​drinking apple cider vinegar before bed seems far-fetched, this grandmother's remedy can have a positive effect on sleep.

In fact, this spice works on blood sugar, facilitating digestion, if a very rich dinner, to give a boost to bowel transit and aid sleep.

Because in case of difficulty in digestion, the body continues to work on absorbing the food consumed, and thus sleep is disturbed ... So yes, for this reason, apple cider vinegar can help you sleep better!


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