Appetite suppressant: the ten foods that protect us from cravings

 Appetite suppressant: the ten foods that protect us from cravings

Almonds, konjac, lentils, potatoes... There are many "appetite suppressant" foods. Discover our top 10, to adopt every day without hesitation!

Craving for sweets? Salty passion? An irrepressible need to empty the kids' cake cabinet? Quickly, back away from food that suppresses the appetite: these foods are able to fend off hunger... and calm food compulsions.

What are the characteristics of an effective appetite suppressant?

Rich in protein. These "large molecules" slow down the digestion process. Several studies have shown it to be the most filling macronutrient! In addition, protein contributes to building muscle mass, allowing us to burn more calories on a daily basis - this is called "basal metabolic increase".

Rich in fibre. Insoluble dietary fiber swells in the stomach, causing the brain to signal fullness — and effectively, the stomach is "full." Soluble fiber limits fat storage in adipocytes.

It has a low energy density. This means that the food is low in calories compared to its weight: lentils, beans, grapefruit, carrots ...

it's huge. Psychologically speaking, tasting huge foods gives the impression that you "eat too much", such as chia or konjac seeds, which swell upon contact with liquid.

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