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Anti-Fat Detox: 8 Tips to Lose Weight Without Pulling Your Belt

 Anti-Fat Detox: 8 Tips to Lose Weight Without Pulling Your Belt

Gently get rid of the habit, starting with the most harmful fat for health, this is the credo of Marie-Laurie Andre, nutritionist, who offers an effective “weaning” in just three months! It is not that complicated...

French fries, chips, cheese, spreads, biscuits... We stop there list of everything we love to eat because we're going to need the thickness of a phone book! Basically, we know that burger/fries and other fast food standards are the enemies of the heart and body. We know the health messages that call us to

 reduce these damned saturated fatty acids, which if consumed in excessive quantities clog the arteries, raise cholesterol levels and nourish fat cells... But how can we resist these “grainy” foods that make fat? morally good? It is indeed impossible to eliminate, overnight, all the undesirables from our diet. The ideal is to move forward by creating a step-by-step program, explained nutritionist Marie-Laurie Andre in her smart and educational book "Goal Zero Fat in 12 Weeks" (solar edition),.

The Anti-Fat Diet: Create an Action Plan

As with quitting, decide on a "D" day, then empty your cupboards by separating the wheat from the chaff. Then we put the stages. The first week: Moderation in eating the richest types of cheese and yogurt (Greek yogurt). The second week: Eat cold meats and fatty meats. Week Three: Follow up on cookies and pastries. Week Four: Goodbye to crackers, appetizers, and chocolate bars… “But we keep the good fats in reasonable amounts (olive oil, nuts, avocado…), and Marie-Laurie Andre reassured to cover the fatty acid needs. The essentials and enjoy your time.”

Anticipate cracks

Against temptations, the best solution is to plan your menus for the whole week. Thus, we are more likely to stay on the toenails diet. We also expect snacks so we don't give up on the fattest ones. Marie-Laurie Andre suggests, for example: 10 almonds + 2 dried apricots or 1 apple + 10g dark chocolate with 70% cocoa..., breath...) which boosts dopamine, the reward hormone, and makes up for the lack of fat .

industrial grease tracker

This is a priority because it is eaten discreetly in both salty and sweet products: ready-made dishes, quiches and salads in the delicatessen section, ice cream, biscuits ... Fat is very present in processed products and is often of poor quality as well. Manufacturers prefer the cheapest components. So we read the labels. "Out of two products of the same type, choose the one with the least total fat and saturated fat," advises Marie-Laurie Andre.

Better Structured Meals

Balancing your meals is the best way to fill up on good nutrients (vitamins...) and feel full. The feeling of fullness is a good bulwark against cravings. The basis of a healthy meal is very simple: proteins + vegetables + cereals or bread, plus a healthy afternoon snack. Another rule to keep in mind: Don't combine two fatty foods at the same meal. It's salmon or cheese or cod and cheese!

Fat Detox: Finding Alternatives

Be sure to do a clean wipe of everything! Fortunately, there are some good alternatives, such as some low-fat charcuterie: cooked ham, defatted raw ham, Grison ham, bacon, and Corsican lonzo. You can also play on the portions by making do with 30 grams of cheese, by removing the visible fat from the cuts of meat, by buying ground beef with 5% fat to make the bolognese ... For appetizers: instead of biscuits, we prefer vegetable dips of course, but Also semi-complete sourdough bread with eggplant caviar ...

Revisit your recipes

In the kitchen, we avoid the heaviness of the hand. No more than 2 to 3 tablespoons per day of oil, butter, or cream for cooking and seasoning. And swaps: In the quiche, we replace cream with milk, bacon with matches for smoked bacon or smoked tofu and limit the Gruyère to 30 grams per person.

Avoid the pitfalls of trendy foods

Oilseeds are on the increase, but beware of excessive! Our expert warns that "their fat content often exceeds 50%". Granola is also a popular item, but it contains up to 20%. Prefer muesli without added sugar (5% fat on average) or make it homemade by substituting the oil for apple compote. Also beware of vegetable pancakes: more than 15% fat, as is fatty meat. The fat, even organic and without palm oil, often contains sunflower oil, which is rich in anti-inflammatory omega-6.”

to please yourself

Instead of doubling down on the cracks, it's better to allow yourself "one cheat meal a week," as Marie-Laurie Andre suggests. For example: Craving for a duck breast? Save it for a Sunday meal for the family or for a restaurant with friends. Do you want some fast food? Save it for a Wednesday with the kids...there's always a way to cut back on extra fat as long as you're organized and disciplined!


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