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Anti-cellulite leggings: how do they work and what results can be obtained?

 Anti-cellulite leggings: how do they work and what results can be obtained?

Is it really worth investing in anti-cellulite leggings to get rid of orange peel? Here is the doctor's opinion.

The anti-cellulite panty is the "star" of slimming clothing: these leggings help us slim our lower body and sculpt our silhouette by visibly reducing cellulite.

Anti-cellulite leggings: how do they work?

What is cellulite? Before we explain what anti-cellulite leggings are, we have to take a little detour on the aspect of cellulite itself. There are 3 schematic types of cellulite: fatty cellulite (the most famous of them, which forms “orange peel” irregularities on the surface of the epidermis), fibrous cellulite (which relates to postmenopausal women and is difficult to touch) and watery cellulite (the result of fluid retention).

To reduce cellulite, there are several techniques that are recognized as effective. Thus, against watery cellulite, the best thing is palpation: this massage (which can be performed manually or with a machine for greater comfort) consists in squeezing a fold of the skin to make it roll on itself. Against fatty cellulite, the most appropriate treatment is liposuction.

What are cellulite leggings? In addition to treatment by a health professional qualified to treat cellulite, anti-cellulite leggings can be a good option. These leggings work on two levels: first, because their fibers contain micro-capsules containing active fat-reducing ingredients (caffeine, coenzyme Q10, plant substances such as fucus, or vegetable oils such as garcinia or safflower oil .. which are resistant to washing), It removes and burns fats contained in adipocytes, that is, in cells that contain fat.

Second, because the clothing is so tight, the fabric (usually nylon, neoprene, spandex, polyamide, or even polyester) has a micro-massage effect that helps remove fat and reduce the appearance of an “orange peel.” Some brands thus claim that their anti-aging leggings Cellulite reproduces the effects of roller pallor on a microscopic scale.

Anti-cellulite leggings: what can we expect?

The #1 goal of anti-cellulite leggings is to make us lose weight and sculpt a figure. So:

Most anti-cellulite leggings marketed in France promise to reduce waist circumference and/or thigh circumference by about 2 to 5 cm depending on the brand.

The anti-cellulite panty promises the disappearance of the famous “orange peel” effect: the skin appears visually smoother and firmer, as if uniform.

Anti-cellulite leggings generally have sheathing advantages: under jeans, pants, a skirt or even a dress, the silhouette looks more harmonious.

Thanks to careful massage and pressure action, anti-cellulite bandages help prevent the feeling of heaviness in the legs and fight water retention.

Anti-cellulite leggings: what are their disadvantages?

Anti-cellulite leggings are unfortunately not magic: their drawbacks are numerous! So:

To be fully effective, anti-cellulite leggings must be worn throughout the day, that is, at least 8 hours a day. The first effects usually appear after a month, depending on the brand.

Active sebum-reducing ingredients tend to weaken with washing: thus, anti-cellulite leggings remain effective for up to 30 washes in the washing machine, depending on the brand.

Anti-cellulite leggings are sometimes unsightly and/or uncomfortable: they're rarely invisible under clothing, they can be (too) tight and can increase sweating (and thus, inevitably, body odor!).

Moreover, unsurprisingly, anti-cellulite leggings do not do miracles: to slim down (stomach and pouches), it is necessary to follow a healthy and balanced diet, and to engage in regular physical activity.

Anti-cellulite leggings: What the doctor thinks

For Dr. Jean-Marc Ada, MD, cosmetologist, "Tool or not, it's worth trying anti-cellulite leggings. Be careful: you have to wear them all year round hoping they will have an effect on the problem. To eliminate cellulite, nothing is better than mechanical or manual massage."

be careful ! When you have cellulite, the best thing is to contact a health professional who "is qualified to distinguish between different cellulites and look for the causes and thus adapt the treatment" the doctor recommends. Therefore, it is not recommended to treat the problem alone!


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