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Anti-cellulite: Are techniques to get rid of it really effective?

 Anti-cellulite: Are techniques to get rid of it really effective?

When you decide to get rid of cellulite, you are often faced with different tips that are more or less effective. It's hard to sort out all this contradictory information at times. Some are infallible, others, on the contrary, are completely eccentric. The point is right!

Whatever their morphology, age, food habits and lifestyle, few women are exempt from cellulite.

Fatty cellulite appears when fat cells (also called adipocytes) under the skin enlarge. result ? The pressure in the blood vessels and lymphatics increases and this leads to poor circulation of fluids. Toxins in the body are no longer eliminated properly and accumulate excessively. Inflammation forms under the skin. Cellulite appears and dimples appear now. Fatty cellulite, also known as "orange peel skin," is generally found on the buttocks, thighs, legs, and stomach. Although it is unattractive, it remains painless. The skin becomes less firm, less supple and has an uneven appearance when

Exercise eliminates cellulite

TRUE. Exercise helps melt fat while promoting muscle mass growth. The skin thus becomes firmer and toned, which visibly limits the appearance of the orange peel. Little by little, the silhouette is sculpted and redrawn. For example, he prefers brisk walking, running, water aerobics or even jumping rope. Performed regularly, these exercises help stimulate blood and lymph circulation while eliminating excessive fats stored in the body.

Cellulite can disappear thanks to a proper diet

forged. Unfortunately, there is no miracle diet to permanently eliminate cellulite. Of course, a varied and balanced diet will limit fat storage, but it must necessarily be combined with other measures such as physical activity. We completely avoid processed products that are very high in fat and refined sugars and focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and lean meats.

Adequate hydration contributes to the elimination of fatty cellulite

TRUE. Contrary to popular belief, hydrating your body throughout the day does not promote water retention. exactly the contrary ! Drinking an average of 1.5 liters of mineral water or tap water per day helps maintain excellent fluid circulation. Toxins are eliminated more easily and thus the appearance of the orange peel tends to disappear little by little.

Anti-cellulite creams: the miracle solution to permanently get rid of cellulite

forged. To eliminate cellulite and fight its appearance, it is not enough to use an anti-cellulite cream. When used alone, it will not burn fat stored in the body. On the other hand, if accompanied by regular exercise, a varied and balanced diet and continuous hydration, an anti-cellulite cream (generally based on active caffeine concentrates) is an excellent supplement, especially if applied with a palpation type massage .

Cold water helps get rid of cellulite

TRUE. Cold water can actually fight one of the consequences of cellulite: poor circulation. At the end of a shower or bath, it's about running a jet of cold water over the legs for a few seconds, starting at the ankles and going down gently to the hips. This simple and effective technique stimulates blood circulation. Gradually, the skin appears smoother and more toned.


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