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Agar-agar: How to use this super marine gelling agent for weight loss?

Agar-agar: How to use this super marine gelling agent for weight loss?

A preferred alternative to dietary gelatin, agar-agar is also very popular among people who are concerned about their streak. And for good reason: it will have slimming properties. We are evaluating.

What is agar agar?

Agar Agar is an extract of red algae from Asia. Like edible gelatin, it is generally used in the kitchen as a gelling agent to make jellies, creams, mousses, jams, tarts, and desserts. All in a lightweight version. And for good reason, agar agar is also one of our allies in slimming. Low in calories (an average of 3 calories per gram), rich in minerals (calcium, phosphorous, iron) and fiber (of which 80%).

How do we integrate it into our preparations?

As you will understand, agar-agar, colorless, odorless and tasteless, is all good. But in practice, how do we incorporate it into our preparations?

To do this, there is no doubt about replacing gelatin with this red algae, the process is not the same. Agar-agar has a much higher crystallization power, so it should be dosed well (on average, 4 g of agar-agar is used for 1 liter of liquid). Also note that it must first be brought to a boil in a liquid (agar-agar only freezes at a minimum temperature of 40 ° C). It must then be cooled before it is incorporated into the preparation. We told you on the program: jelly, creams, mousses, jams, or even sweets in a lighter version.

You can also add agar agar to a hot drink. In this case, it is enough, for example, to mix a teaspoon of it with tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate. We will then calculate 2 grams for 50 cl. Thus agar agar gives a consistency to the preparation that will appreciably produce an “appetite suppressant” effect.

Some recommendations for agar agar

However, before incorporating it into your diet routine, you need to know some recommendations. First, it may exhibit laxative properties. So we don't exceed 2 to 3 grams per day. Secondo, always keep in mind that there are no miracle foods for weight loss. If agar agar sure has interesting properties and can lighten up your panna cotta recipe for the day or bring a little consistency to your winter hot chocolate, it won't visibly melt your silhouette at all. Only a balanced diet combined with regular physical activity can do this.

Where do you get agar agar?

Agar-agar can be found in all organic food stores, health food stores, and pharmacies, but also in some stores specializing in Asian products. We also started to find it in some supermarkets, along with sugar or flour.


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