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Acupuncture for weight loss: how does it work and is it effective?

 Acupuncture for weight loss: how does it work and is it effective?

Acupuncture, derived from traditional Chinese medicine, can be used to lose weight. How does it work and is it really effective? Elements of a response with physician Jean-Luc Allemandi, general practitioner and acupuncturist.

What happens during the session?

The session begins with a questionnaire and interview about the patient's history. Dr. Jean-Luc Allemandi, acupuncturist, asks questions about his medical experience, his motivation for losing weight, his athletic activity, his consumption of alcohol and cigarettes or his food impulses.

The goal of Dr. Allemandi is to determine the eating habits and lifestyle and what may be the cause of patients' weight gain. "I also order a recent blood test, to see if the weight gain is related to a thyroid problem, for example." Once the tests are completed, the specialist begins the acupuncture session. The number of sessions varies on a case-by-case basis.

Stimulating acupuncture points

For thirty minutes, thin needles are placed in very strategic and precise places on the body to regulate energies according to traditional Chinese medicine. These energies propagate in the body through the meridians according to a specific path. Stimulating these points leads to the release of active substances in the brain such as endorphins or serotonin which, among other things, help reduce stress and food urges and promote well-being.

“The top of the skull, for example, is the point of relaxation. If it is stimulated, the patient is less tense and will limit gnawing,” Dr. Almandi explains. Acupuncture will also help reduce food cravings by stimulating a point above the ears. The specialist places the needles in the chest, knees, or even the feet. In addition to acupuncture, he injects effective homeopathic ingredients according to each patient, for example to fight sugar addiction.

Acupuncture for weight loss, effective?

At the same time, said Dr. Germani gives nutritional advice: he directs the patient towards a healthy diet, watches the amount, without overdoing but having fun from time to time. "For acupuncture to be successful, you have to have a sound mind about food," he says.

Is this Chinese medicine really effective for weight loss? "It doesn't make you lose weight per se," Dr. Allmandy reveals. But when combined with a balanced diet, it provides a feeling of satiety and helps reduce snacking. “It is a method that works well if the patient is really passionate about taking care of his lifestyle. I noticed in some patients a loss of 3.5 kilograms per week. But in general, we lose 80 to 100 grams per day,” the specialist declared, explaining that it is also possible to cause a significant loss. in weight.Thanks to acupuncture, citing one of his patients, who has lost 32 kilograms since September 2018.


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