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8 tips to use confinement to improve your body

 8 tips to use confinement to improve your body

We're on track to stay home for days, even several weeks... What if we took advantage of this unprecedented situation to take care of ourselves and our body and polish our silhouette? Now discover easy-to-apply tips from Sarah Marin Meyer, Dietitian.

See confinement as an opportunity... for your character!

What if we saw the positive side of this unprecedented situation? Being at home every day, whether you work remotely or not, is a real plus for your listings and therefore your streak! No, confinement does not necessarily mean weight gain, you will be able to cook every day (or if you wish, keep doing the cooking in batches), even simple things, keeping an eye on everything that will be on your plate.

Keep it simple but balanced: whole veggies, starches, and proteins

In fact, 15 minutes is enough to prepare a balanced meal with one part of vegetables, one part of whole starches, one part of protein (animal or vegetable) and one part of vegetable oil.

It's all of these ingredients that make the dish balanced and often, when you buy your lunch outside, or have dinner outside, one of these ingredients is absent or insufficient. As a result, the dish may be too rich, consisting of poor-quality fats, in insufficient quantities, or, conversely, too much.

Be disciplined when shopping

To avoid temptations, not gain weight, and make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet during this period of confinement, shopping time should not be underestimated. To avoid getting caught up in putting comfort foods in your basket, make your shopping list before you go. We try to cook produce as raw as possible (whether fresh or frozen), of high quality and organic (or from sustainable farming), if possible.

Combine a balanced diet with physical activity

Being at home, and less time traveling to work, also means being able to benefit from doing more exercise, with more time. Whether it's muscle-strengthening sessions or cardio with exercises to do right away, movement is essential not just to stay in shape, even in gardening, to get good sleep, to keep your spirits high and as a bonus, to get refined. Why not take advantage of confinement to challenge yourself, for example, or combine several outsiders to make it a short but daily routine?

Take advantage of our sports challenges and take on one or more challenges:

  • Sheathing Challenge: 30 days to sculpt your body
  • Squat Challenge: 30 Days To Purify Lower Body
  • Knee Lift Challenge: 30 Days to Get a Flat Stomach!
  • Lunge Challenge: 30 days to improve your legs
  • Burpee Challenge: 30 Days to Burn Fat

Find inner calm, reduce stress, and take time for yourself

If ambient stress related to the current situation is unavoidable, many of the stressors, such as daily trips, precise schedules to be respected, and some complex working relationships, no longer exist. Take the opportunity to cultivate inner calm, by chasing stress and taking time for yourself. Doing yoga and

 meditation on a daily basis will help reduce this stress. Because reducing stress also means putting the possibilities on your side to maintain your figure: It has been proven that stress can prevent weight loss or weight gain. In addition, with less stress, you should sleep better, which also affects your weight. In short, the perfect time to start rebalancing the food!

Lose weight and keep fit: favorite foods

In general, as we just said, we should give top priority to raw foods and organic foods (or from sustainable agriculture). Compose your meal in a balanced way, drawn from each food group, in reasonable amounts and adapted to your needs:

Animal or vegetable proteins:

  • meat _
  • fish _
  • egg
  • tofu
  • seitan
  • tempeh _
  • farinaceous:

Whole or semi-whole grains (whole rice, semi-whole pasta, quinoa, bulgur, spelled noodles, small wheat noodles, black rice, etc.)

Legumes (chickpeas, green/coral lentils, kidney beans, white/red beans, etc.)

Whole wheat bread ( buckwheat bread, buckwheat bread, rye bread, buckwheat bread, kamut bread, etc.)


sweet potato

vegetables :


Frozen (check the ingredients list on the bag, vegetables only, nothing else!)

vegetable oils:

olive oil

rapeseed oil

Sun flower oil

Linseed oil

hazelnut oil

Walnut oil ... the ideal is to diversify it!

Fresh (or frozen, raw) fruits are also part of a balanced diet, as are oilseeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.).

The Importance of Quantities: Maintaining a Fair Balance

All these foods make it possible to draw up a balanced diet, it is all about the distribution (daily or between each family of foods) and their quantities.

To make sure your body is provided with everything it needs to stay healthy and keep the streak, it is best to consult a nutritionist, as teleconsultations are offered. If you want to lose weight, a dietitian can direct you to re-balance your nutritional intake towards weight loss.

Please keep in mind that eating less does not mean losing weight. You risk causing deficiencies, or compulsion to food with deprivation, snacking, or even the opposite of a desired goal: storage. A body that is deprived, under a low-calorie diet, will store the fewest calories it will absorb "to make up provisions when the next starvation is imposed on it."

The Six Essential Steps to Unlocking a Silhouette Utopia, Shall We Get Started?

To start a virtuous circle, and take care of your streak during confinement, we begin with:

Step 1 Tidy up your house, do a big cleanup, and sort the cupboards (all the cupboards combined!). It clears my head, puts me in a good mood...

Step 2 Set aside very greasy and sugary products and keep only the best foods on hand.

Step 3 Go shopping by choosing good quality raw and organic products if possible, and carefully avoiding artificial and processed products.

Step 4 Find ideas for healthy recipes on social networks or websites that inspire us. And think of all the people we spotted, but didn't take the time to test...

Step 5 Allocate at least one period of time devoted to physical activity in your schedule. Even ten minutes a day is enough, depending on your time and level. Putting it on your calendar, like any other scheduled work appointment, for example, will help you stick to it.

Step 6 Evaluate his motivations, and the reasons for us to initiate these changes. Staying healthy through a better diet should be prioritized over weight loss! Go at your own pace, and change something a little more into your daily life every day... to make them good habits for the long haul!


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