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8 tips to lose weight permanently

 8 tips to lose weight permanently

Losing weight but above all maintaining it is not easy. All the modern miracle diets with beautiful, unrealistic and unsustainable promises sell you dreams but do not give you the means to maintain the results obtained, if any! There is no reason to feel guilty because who wouldn't be tempted by such an approach? So how do you permanently lose those devious and unnecessary kilograms that poison your life? Here are some keys to help you!

Get rid of fancy diets

Certain diets make you lose weight, sometimes a lot of weight, but at what cost? Why impose on yourself restricted and inappropriate diets? You often put yourself at risk of nutritional imbalances (fibers, minerals, vitamins, etc.) that are bad for your health: note, for example, that high-protein diets can stress the kidneys. Not to mention that it requires a lot of will, and without losing sight of the psychological and behavioral components or those related to the environment. What a disappointment!

What is the morale in all of this? It is not better. It rarely stays in good shape. It looks rather sad.

You know the yo-yo effect by heart, this infernal phenomenon! They chase each other but always end up the same way: the inevitable weight gain accompanied by a few extra pounds. This is the effect of a restricted diet. This relapse has inevitable consequences for your daily life. You find yourself in a state of failure, guilt and low self-esteem... You have to face the facts, the miracle diet does not exist, otherwise it would have been known! You have to take back control of your body by giving it a healthy and varied diet. And it is better to accept some curve than to desire an unattainable goal; It is a prerequisite if you want to stabilize your weight.

To lose weight permanently, opt for the non-diet by choosing to adopt good, long-term observable eating habits instead. Also, it is essential that you are supported in your approach. All sprayed with no frustration. It's the only way to get there.

Also keep in mind that there is nothing that takes the place of consulting a health professional to create a nutritional program tailored to your personal situation. In other words, nothing takes the place of personal follow-up.

Diverse, varied and colorful food

Changing your eating habits will allow you to better control your weight. It is a matter of preparing a balanced, varied and varied diet to mark your old eating habits but without causing a sudden change as habits are often well established. Go easy. It is better at first to think about adjustments, simple little changes that will lead to others rather than disturbing everything.

Here are some simple tips for common sense:

Take the time to eat, and ask yourself (and don't take your meal on a corner of the table), to estimate the contents of your plates. Did you know that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to start receiving the first signals of satiety? In other words, if you ate in 5 minutes, he wouldn't have the information. You will not be satisfied nor satisfied!

Cut your food into small pieces and chew it slowly. The key word is to improve the pleasure of taste (without increasing the quantities consumed); The fun should stay in the center of your plate, it's so important!

Eat your food, but don't overdo it. When you eat enough, stop even if some food remains on the plate, even if the contents of the plate give you a kick; Don't force yourself to finish this. This requires a good knowledge of these signals, and I give you! It should be saturated but enough!

bet on saturated foods with a lower calorie density, and therefore reduce too fatty and sweet foods;

Do not miss meals, have at least one large and practical snack to eat such as fruit or a yogurt drink with a slice of whole wheat bread; Thus you will avoid the risks of gnawing;

Drink water before you eat, you will eat a little less. In fact, water performs the role of a natural calorie-free appetite suppressant.

Put some color on your plate, it's good for morale. Plus, you'll be full of antioxidants!

Moderation in your quantities

First, you have to learn how to eat everything, yes, everything! Don't cut food, eat like the rest of your family, friends or colleagues. Simply put, since excessive consumption is the main cause of weight gain, you must remain attentive to the amounts eaten without getting too extreme by weighing your food.

Stay away from the scale! Do not impose additional restrictions on yourself.

If you listen to your body, you will appreciate adequate amounts to avoid deficiency and to improve your health.

To help you :

Replace larger plates with smaller plates: you save less!

It is better to start by serving small portions and then refill if necessary than to eat an entire dish from the beginning;

You abused the toppings, the chocolate cake made your eyesight. Above all, do not feel guilty, you must also know how to enjoy the gourmet pleasures. You will simply compensate with a more economical meal or increase your sports dose!

Eat less fat and less sugar 

Diets often involve a significant discouragement of fatty substances and sugary products. It is not a matter of eliminating everything but simply limiting your consumption.

Particular attention will be paid to the qualitative aspect of fats:

Choose a good seasoning oil like rapeseed oil and consider changing it up;

For cooking, choose heat-resistant vegetable oils such as olive oil;

Don't remove fresh, raw butter for morning sandwiches or to garnish cooked vegetables.

We will limit fatty foods such as cold cuts and cheese... but there is no need to switch to skimmed dairy products.

As for sweet products, do not put them in limbo. They are part of an enjoyable diet. Removing them is very frustrating. Reward yourself occasionally but always in moderation! A trick to limit their intake is, when scanning food labels, avoid all products where sugar is the first ingredient. That would really be a good point!

Do physical activity

Physical activity, no matter how little, is essential! Even if it is proven that exercise does not make you lose weight, it does greatly aid in weight loss, not to mention benefits to your state of mind. Indeed, while exercising, do not think about snacks, they are an excellent alternative to food. Sport motivates you, contributes to well-being, and if you are consistent, it will be easier to maintain weight in the long term.

To stick to it, it is necessary to choose an activity that works for you and not one that is imposed on you. It could be walking, swimming, climbing stairs or even gardening. Ideally, change activities. And practice them with a smile!

Remember: the food being positioned should not only respect your nutritional needs, it should be customized and tailored to your desires, food tastes, and pace of life...because you are one of a kind. You have to convince yourself of that.

These tips are the cornerstone of success.

Remember to moisturize regularly

Water is essential for our body, as it is our main component (65%). It is therefore recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water to allow the body to recover the water expended during the day.

If it does not make you lose weight, it allows you to keep the streak for a long time because it helps to drain metabolic wastes and toxins, which especially prevent the formation of cellulite.

Drinking water limits snacking: When you feel hungry, drinking a large glass of water will keep you going until your next meal. Gives a feeling of fullness of the stomach and causes a feeling of suppression of appetite.

Don't miss the meal

Skipping meals does not make you lose weight, quite the opposite. If weight loss can be observed, it will be temporary and will cause the body to store more. Also, if this eating behavior is repeated on a regular basis, it can lead to an increased risk of heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.

Skipping breakfast can lead to cravings and gnawing in the afternoon as the body tries to make up for the lack of food. Thus, the calories consumed at the end of the day are in the same number, or even more, because foods eaten while snacking are rich in sugars and fats.

If you don't have time to eat, plan balanced afternoon snacks such as fresh fruit, wholemeal bread, plain dairy products, dried fruits or raw vegetables.

Know how to have fun

Eating without pleasure generates frustration in the long run, hence the failures that are regularly observed in extreme diets.

In order to be able to lose weight permanently, we must be able to eat the foods we love and that give us pleasure. If you are a fan of sweet or savory, whether it's chocolate or potato chips, it's not a question of eliminating these foods completely from your diet.

No food should be banned, on the other hand, foods rich in sugars and fats should be limited and irregular, and should remain in the pleasure dimension.


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