8 most effective female athletes to get rid of belly fat

 8 most effective female athletes to get rid of belly fat

Having a flat stomach is often a matter of lifestyle. In the program: a balanced diet and physical activity as desired. Focus on the sports that give the best results.

Float, brioche, love handles...there's nothing wrong with having a little layer of fat. But if it is a source of complexes and we want to get rid of it, there are many solutions available to us.

To feel better in your sneakers, you can start by cheating a little: by betting on accessories that create optical illusions, you can instantly erase your small imperfections without making any effort.

To lose belly fat, there is no secret, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle. And it starts on the plate: We avoid fermented foods that make you bloat and those with a very high glycemic index, and try our Flat Stomach Slimming Smoothie recipe.

But above all, we are (returning) to sports! Movement is the best way to burn calories while strengthening your abdominal muscles. And to get rid of the tummy, some sports are especially effective.

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