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8 foods to avoid for a flat stomach

 8 foods to avoid for a flat stomach

If you want to have a flat stomach, there is no choice, you will have to reduce the portion of these 5 foods in your diet!


Lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, broad beans...legumes are excellent for our health, but they are not flat stomachs!

In fact, they are difficult to digest, and can cause bloating.

However, if you soak it a few hours before cooking, with a teaspoon of baking soda in the cooking water, you can make it more digestible!

raw vegetables

Raw vegetables, especially cabbage, make your stomach bloated.

It ferments and destroys dietary fiber, which slows down digestion and gas.

This is not a reason to completely stop raw vegetables, they are excellent for health! It's more about reducing it if you have a swollen belly.

White bread

White bread, such as pasta or white rice, tends to make your stomach bloated.

They have a high glycemic index and promote belly fat storage.

Prefer whole grains: bread, pasta and rice.


It is not surprising to anyone that fried foods are rich in bad fats and therefore very harmful to your health.

They are difficult to digest, have a negative effect on intestinal transit and gastric hypertrophy.

We can have fun from time to time of course, but for the sake of our health and having a flat stomach, we limit it as much as possible!

cold meat

Charcuterie is often the queen of appetizers in France and other Latin countries.

Unfortunately, to find a flat stomach, this should be avoided.

Rich in saturated fats and salt, it should be consumed in moderation if you want to say goodbye to your belly!

Mary Dubonnet

Soft drinks

Soft drinks contain a high percentage of gas and cause stomach bloating. In addition, soft drinks are also high in sugars, sweeteners, and additives of all kinds. Thus, drinking 33 cl of cola is equivalent to eating 7 sugar cubes.

If there is a desire, it is better to resort to a light carbonated drink or the best thirst-quenching drink without bubbles, such as tea, of which there are many varieties today.



When you chew gum, you swallow air, which is a factor that causes or worsens bloating. In addition, it often contains sugars that cause weight gain and stimulate digestion, which does not allow the stomach to rest.


Alcohol contains empty calories that are responsible for weight gain. If the alcohol is carbonated, it increases bloating. Thus, beer consumption promotes fermentation and the release of gases during digestion, which generally leads to the unpleasant sensation of a distended abdomen.


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