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7 surprisingly precise movements to lose weight without dieting

 7 surprisingly precise movements to lose weight without dieting

The goal is to save a few calories or "burn" more fat each day. A very gentle and very effective slimming process over time!

The slow position also invades the field of diet! No more drastic methods that mess up our metabolism and ruin all our weight loss efforts. Now, common sense prevails. Because we have enough food weight to the nearest gram, calculating the ideal weight...and a drastic change in eating and/or athletic behavior overnight. According to clinical psychologist Eudes Séméria, author of Ideas That Make You Lose

 Weight (Albin Michel edition), starting a diet in a hurry, and throwing yourself on the latest trendy diet, is a mistake.. Obviously, don't erase your bad habits all at once! But go step by step by spending the time creating different standards, doing the shopping differently, and adopting partial feedback on a daily basis..." The changes made will only have effects if we stick to the very long run, as Eudes Séméria emphasizes, the challenge being In having a responsible and sustainable process, and final in principle.”

Sustainable slimming: quick, easy and effective advice

To lose weight, the small steps policy works! In addition to a varied and balanced diet (more vegetables...) they adopt these little gestures on a daily basis.

Aim for an extra 500 steps a day: to finally reach the "10,000 steps a day" recommended by health experts, a cycle that can allow you to lose 1cm of your waistline every three months.

I dose by spoon: For example, when I cook for four people, I switch to three tablespoons of oil or three teaspoons of butter instead of four teaspoons, twice a day, and that makes 1,350 fewer calories per month.

Acidify my meals: It is easy and lowers the glycemic index (GI) and insulin secretion that causes storage. At every meal, I consume lemon juice (as a drizzle on fish for example) or vinegar (in a light sauce), citrus fruit or red fruit for dessert.

I dilute the vinegar: By limiting the use of a tablespoon of oil to two (for one vinegar or lemon) and adding a tablespoon of cheese with 3% fat and herbs, the economy is 67 to 85 calories.

I swear by sugar: by adding only half a sugar instead of one in coffee, tea and dairy...this simple little reflexology three times a day, that's 1,200 fewer calories a month! The idea is, in the long run, you'll be able to do without it.

I spice it up as much as I can: Eating 2 grams of chili a day means burning an extra 75 calories. It's not easy... Above all, be careful if your stomach is weak! But we can undo the other spices (pepper, ginger...) or turmeric which slows down the proliferation of fat cells.

I drink green tea: According to various studies, drinking three cups of green tea a day can burn 50 to 100 calories. And besides, it's good!


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