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7 solutions to stabilize your weight with alternative medicine

 7 solutions to stabilize your weight with alternative medicine

No need to brutalize his body. Phytotherapy, astrology, hypnosis or physical therapy allow you to regulate your weight naturally and gently.

Restrictive diets ultimately do more harm than good. To suppress his food impulses, if the solution is elsewhere? Our obesity isn't just about clever arithmetic between calories eaten and calories burned. Our thoughts and emotions play an important role in changing the way the body absorbs food and manages its energy stores. We develop subconscious strategies to protect ourselves from fear, insecurity, anger or humiliation. The result could be weight gain. By working on both the physical and the psychological, alternative medicine can help us.

Stress makes me fat: Phosphorology

Nervousness encourages the choice of comfort foods, often fatty and sweet. They increase the production of cortisol by the adrenal glands, which promotes fat storage. By relieving stress with relaxation exercises, psoriasis is a valuable tool for maintaining or achieving a healthy weight. “It reshapes our internal representation,” says safflower scientist Carol Serratt, allowing us to tame our hunger without stress.

Also: for those who find it difficult to concentrate, dispense with alcohol, tobacco or coffee. But also very thin people who struggle to gain weight.

I eat automatically: Mindfulness

Swallowing it all without thinking about it and without enjoying it can lead to weight gain. To calm your relationship with food, you should fully enjoy the moment you savor your meal and reconnect with your body sensations. “It consists of voluntarily paying attention to what is happening in the here

 and now, and listening to your hunger and your senses,” says Geraldine Desendis, a practitioner of mindful eating and meditation (2). You need to ask yourself about your emotional state before going to the table, take the time to enjoy your dish, smell its aroma, feel the textures and flavors in the mouth ... in order to break the automatism and listen for the signals of its fullness. The result: more thoughtful food choices,

And so. For those who eat too quickly or who feel guilty when they eat.

I have a voracious appetite: hypnosis

Do you eat too much and regularly refill your food? This soft medicine can do wonders. The most effective method is to use the Chataignier method, a universal method that involves placing… a virtual infectious gang! We suggest to the patient under hypnosis that he enter the hospital for the implantation of a gastric band. We make him live all the stages of the intervention, from the operating room to the

 recovery room ”, this is determined by the psychiatrist and nutrition expert, Frederic Shatiner, founder of the Hypnotic Nutrition Network. Since the unconscious brain does not distinguish between real and imaginary, the person acts as if his stomach has already shrunk. It spontaneously restricts its portion sizes.

And so. For those who are prone to overeating or who feel unable to diet.

I have repeated food cravings: Aromatherapy

Not all food cravings correspond to true hunger. To cut unwarranted indulgences, get the smell reflex: Open a bottle of grapefruit or cinnamon essential oil (EO) and breathe in the essences that emerge by blocking one nostril. And if you tend to gain weight despite the bird's appetite, choose HE lemon, which increases the body's energy expenditure: drink 3 drops diluted in a glass of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach.

And so. For those who make up for their sadness and boredom with food.

I've Been Eating Too Much Diet: Natural Remedies

Restrictive diets make the body less able to lose weight. Naturopathy, which advocates a lifestyle adapted to each person's profile, can be the answer to restoring harmony. Medicinal plants as well as nutritional supplements are used to fill in the gaps that are likely to make us fat. For soda addicts, she recommends consuming glutamine to reduce the attraction of sugar (1 g 3 x/day). If grieving, she recommends phenylalanine supplementation (500g 3x/day). And in case of anxiety, L-tryptophan (500 to 1000 mg/d) is used to improve sleep.

And so. For lovers of comprehensive care

I chomp in the early evening: treatment with gems

This branch of modern herbal medicine is based on the use of infusions from the buds of trees or shrubs, which concentrate on powerful active ingredients. Lauren Bino (3), naturopathic therapist, explains that those in the "fig tree bud regulate the activity of the pituitary gland, one of the nerve

 centers for appetite management." It also increases serotonin production in the intestines, which reduces food cravings at the end of the day. It can be combined with rosemary that detoxifies the liver and promotes the digestion of fats. Correct dosage: 5 drops 3 times / day without meals for 3 months, alternating 3 weeks of intake and 1 week of rest.

And so. For those who breed at the table and on holiday evenings.

I've tried everything but to no avail: acupuncture

This traditional Chinese medicine corrects energy imbalances using fine needles implanted in the skin at strategic points. For weight management, the stimulated meridians vary from patient to patient depending on the problem to be treated: hormonal disruption, accumulation of toxins, excess stress ...

 Five points located on the ear pinna are often targeted with the aim of smoothing out the pinna. appetite. According to a study conducted by the University of Seoul (South Korea) in 2013, 95% of patients are receptive and thus manage to stabilize their weight. To start, one to two sessions per week, then one every 15 days.

And so. For those who fail to motivate themselves as well as in case of depression or quitting smoking.

On the table, look at the tree

In order not to rush into eating blindly, it is better “to put yourself in a favorable internal state before eating,” emphasizes Catherine Romanoff-Lefevre, hypnotherapist author of 5 Secrets of Weight Loss by Hypnosis*. Sitting in front of your plate, take three Take deep breaths, place your feet on the ground and imagine the roots growing under your arches and entering the ground.” Then put your arms in the air, like tree branches, feel the sap rising, and take three deep breaths. Finally imagine it raining. It trickles down your papers and removes all your tensions. Drink a glass of water. You are ready to start your meal.

* so. eyes

"Good supplement to a balanced diet"

Dr. Albert Yayon, Dietitian and Worldwide Physician, author of Love Myself, Eat, Lose Weight (Bossier Editor)

“We have always thought that weight problems can only be addressed by monitoring diet. But nutritional advice is not always enough, especially for people who are very stressed and anxious and who have developed an addictive behavior towards food. In this case, alternative medicine can be very helpful. They do not make you lose weight on their own, but are an effective support to improve body performance, thus maintaining weight and conformation.These methods are not exclusive, but complement each other.So you should feel free to combine them, especially after menopause if you gain weight without excessive in eating."

good plants

- Espagul, Konjac: appetite suppressant. 15 minutes before a meal with a large glass of water (1 to 2 capsules depending on your needs), it swells in the stomach and sends a signal of satiety to the brain.

Orthosiphon or Piloselle: filtering, purifying and diuretic. 100 drops of mother tincture in a liter of water to drink throughout the day.

Focus: Reduces fat storage. Its richness in iodine strengthens the thyroid gland. 200 mg daily for a maximum of 3 weeks.

Homeopathy against sweet cravings

Sugar not only makes you fat, it also damages our healthy capital. To resist this call, try the homeopathic granules: Anacardium orientalis 5CH (2 granules as soon as you feel the craving for a snack) or Antimonium crudum 5CH (2 granules 3x/d).

(1), author of My Gentle Slimming Program (ed.Leduc.s),

(2) At the Meditation Bar (Paris) and the Concarneau thalassotherapy center

(3) Author of The Big Book of Gemmotherapy (ed. Leduc.s)


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