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7 solutions to make a man lose belly fat after fifty

7 solutions to make a man lose belly fat after fifty

Men tend to store belly fat. And getting rid of it is not easy! Discover our tips to help the master reduce his waistline.

It's not easy to lose belly fat whether it's a floater, a belly bun or a bun. And men are not spared! The problem: This visceral fat is deposited around the liver, pancreas and arteries and increases the risk of developing diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure. In a man, this risk is reduced if the waist circumference is less than 94 cm. Here are our tips for getting there.

Don't diet alone

When you want to lose belly fat, sometimes you're reckless with a fad diet, like the keto diet or intermittent fasting. The doctor warns that "while it is effective in some people, it should always be supervised by a doctor". Otherwise, fear of eating disorders, weight gain or deficiency.

Reducing sugars

“We often say to ourselves 'I have a big belly, I have to limit fat': not necessarily!”, explains Dr. Camille Le Quere, dietician. While it is true that processed fats found in convenience foods and processed foods should be avoided, then belly fat comes mainly from sugars. Your man will need to reduce his consumption of cakes, fruit juices, soft drinks and sugary foods as well as bread, pasta and rice as these starches also contain sugars. Aim for 80-100g twice a day.

Choose vegetables over fruits

Sugar is also hidden in the fruit, in the form of fructose. If the master wants to lose his stomach, then two daily fruits are enough, as the nutritionist suggests. On the other hand, all his meals must contain "at least 150 grams" of vegetables.

Protein at every meal

Eating a protein-rich diet has been proven to help reduce belly fat. Your man will be able to alternate vegetable and animal proteins, or even consume some at each meal.

Reduce all alcohol

Alcohol is the enemy of a flat stomach. "They save calories, tire the liver and overload it with work, which increases visceral fat," explains Camille Le Quéré. Red or white wine, beer or hard liquor: moderation is always our motto.

Goal: 5,000 steps per day

Our lifestyles are very sedentary and the time we spend sitting is increasing the detriment of the number of steps. “The goal is to exceed 5,000 steps per day,” advises the dietician. With a pedometer, play tricks: take the stairs instead of the elevator, get up every two hours or even get off the bus one stop earlier than expected.

Find a sport he likes

The World Health Organization recommends 30 minutes of physical activity, three to four times a week. Your man can start with two weekly 30-minute sessions. "Hiking, biking, elliptical trainer, swimming...", says Dr. Lou Querrey. The idea is to find an activity that adapts to your physical condition and your desires to create a lasting routine, without getting tired.


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