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7 really effective tips for losing weight naturally

7 really effective tips for losing weight naturally

To lose 2 or 3 kg, no need to follow a dry diet! By following a few basic principles, relief can be achieved without difficulty and without pressure.

Crash diets that upset the body are no longer common. Now, common sense prevails. If you feel like you're trying too hard without hitting the balance too hard, "there must be something wrong with your way of eating or more broadly with your way of life", explains Véronique Lacey, dietician and author of My Bible. To lose weight without dieting" (ed. Leduc). To regain your healthy weight, provided you do not have health problems, it is often enough to reconnect with a healthy, varied and balanced diet. And it's not that complicated .

take my time

Slow weight loss is a guarantee of long-term success. For nutritionist Véronique Lysée, a restrictive and melting diet is never the solution because it will inevitably have a "yo-yo effect" in return. While changing certain habits on a daily basis is often enough to initiate a change, which will automatically affect other habits through a “domino effect”. A study has shown that the changes with the biggest "domino effect" on diet and health are reducing screen time, especially during meals, and eating more fruits and vegetables.

cook more

This allows you to control the amounts of sugar, salt, fat... you use on your small plates. No need to play great chefs! Fish, vegetables, pasta or brown rice... Here is a healthy and balanced dish without the fuss. According to a study quoted by Eudes Sémérias, clinical psychologist, in "Thoughts that make you lose weight" (dir. Albin Michel), it is women who have a balanced weight who cook. interpretation? "When you gain technical knowledge and engage in preparing your own food, you increase your sense of self-efficacy. As a result, you feel more in control of events and in better self-control. "

I select industrial products

It flows naturally! The more we cook at home, the less ready-made products we buy. Very rich in added sugars, salt, saturated fats, additives..., processed foods from industrial processes have lost their nutritional properties, which increases the risk of weight gain, as well as diabetes and heart disease. . When shopping, choose raw, whole, seasonal and organic products if possible, as they are rich in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and free of toxins. Read labels carefully and exclude products with a long list of ingredients. Reduce pastries, ready meals, bagel soup, dairy desserts, breakfast cereals, cookies...

I plan my meals

Regulation is the key to a balanced diet. This optimizes food intake and calories between meals each day and throughout the week. In addition, it is economical and reduces waste. It may seem a bit boring at first. To help you, follow this basic principle: When creating your weekly meal plan, favor recipes based on seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is already a common thread. You can also start with a more modest three-day plan and progress to a full week.

I take care of the parts

We don't always realize how much food we eat. Watch out for the very large plates and trendy wooden boards in the restaurant! It's proven: the bigger the container, the more you'll eat! According to a study published in the Medical Journal of the Consumer Research Association, eating half the size of a plate

 reduces the amount of food consumed by 30%. Ditto for glasses, especially when it comes to drinking alcohol and cocktails, which are drinks in which it is difficult to measure the amount of sugar they contain. And be careful in the shops! On packaging, there is often a difference between the recommended portion (eg 30g for breakfast cereals) and the portion offered, which changes our perception of what is reasonable to eat.

I eat my satiety

Attention to food portions does not mean starving yourself! Because eating full is the best defense against snacking between meals, a major factor in weight gain. But don't confuse hunger with the desire to eat. To make a difference, organize your day in three phases (breakfast, lunch, dinner) respecting the schedules as best as possible. Your plate includes half the vegetables, a quarter of the starchy foods

 (whole pasta, etc.) or pulses (lentils, etc.), and a quarter of the proteins (meat, poultry, tofu, etc.). Finally, remember that it takes an average of 20 minutes for the feeling of satiety to reach the brain. So take your time to eat otherwise the feeling of satiety will not have time to express itself, which will force you to eat more.

I boost the fibers

Health and slimming through the well-being of the intestines. Fiber is essential! If it is recommended to consume 30 grams per day, we are far from it! According to various studies, we only swallow half of it. This healthy fiber is easily found in healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. By filling half your plate with vegetables at lunch and dinner, you make a good stock of them. Also increase the ration of legumes (lentils, peas, chickpeas, white, red, beans, etc.) which can replace starches. With greens, everything is balanced and holds well. Prefer cereals, whole wheat flour and eat dried fruits (figs...) and oilseeds (almonds...) as a snack because they are more concentrated in fiber than their fresh version.

I oxygenate myself

The sitting position promotes the development of adipocytes. "If we apply constant mechanical pressure to fat cells, they produce up to 50% more fat, regardless of diet," says Professor Amit Geffen, from Tel Aviv University. So we get up from the armchair or the sofa every 60 to 90 minutes: we go out for 5

 minutes, we do some physical exercises and stretching... Above all, we like to walk as much as possible. Ideally, we walk 10,000 steps per day, or 7.5 km. Additionally, exposure to daylight has also been shown to stabilize serotonin levels, which reduces anxiety and sugar cravings. If you spend a lot of time in a dark room or go out after dark, serotonin quickly converts to melatonin and it's easy to crave comfort food.


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