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7 exercises to tone your legs to do at home

 7 exercises to tone your legs to do at home

Various exercises allow you to get slender, curved and pointed legs. But what can you do at home, without equipment, to tone your butt muscles and sculpt your thighs? Athletic trainer Kevin Priol has listed the exercises that you should perform to effectively improve your legs at home.

Step, Pilates, Swimming... Various sports activities can be done to slim the lower body. But when we have to not move or we don't have time to go to the pool or gym, we exercise at home. Exercising at home has many advantages: travel is reduced, working hours are flexible and savings are made.

However, it is not always easy to do a physical activity that adapts to your legs at home, especially when you do not have sports equipment and do not know what exercises can target this area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe body. How to clean your legs at home? Athletic trainer Kevin Breol reveals 7 effective exercises to perform without equipment in order to slim the thighs and shape the buttocks.

Sports at home: squats to tone your legs

Kevin Priolle recommends doing squats to slim the lower body. "During this exercise, you can put your feet in different positions, which will work different muscles and parts of the legs," he said. We target the front of the thighs and quadriceps, when the heel is located at the width of the pelvis. When you open your feet more, you use the gluteus maximus. According to the athletic trainer, "When you make a big hole, you're working on the adductors and the abductors."

To perform a squat, stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. You can open your feet slightly outward and extend your arms. We bend our legs and lower our buttocks until our thighs are parallel to the floor. Then we go back to the starting point.

Do lunges at home to reduce the size of your lower body

It is also possible to bet on notches to improve your legs. "This exercise has an advantage: it allows you to use both legs in the same way. While performing it, each leg works independently of the other. It is clear that the effort is balanced on both legs. The more you work on balance, the more we engage the muscles ", develops the athletic trainer.

This movement calls for different muscles: the quadriceps, the glutes (small, medium and large butt muscles), the hamstrings (the back of the thighs) and the soleus muscles (at the level of the calf).

To perform the lunge, you should always look forward and keep your back straight. Standing, your legs are slightly hip-width apart. Hands are placed on the hips. We put one foot in front and the other very far behind. We go down until we get a 90-degree angle at the knee, then return to the initial position and change feet.

Chair to sculpt and tone your thighs at home

Kevin Briolle explains that the chair exercise makes it possible to work the muscles differently, especially the muscles of the thighs. In this static motion, you stand against a wall "to be able to keep your knees and hips at 90 degrees". Bend your knees and sit on the wall. For this, the knees should be parallel to the ankles. Descend until your knees and legs form a 90-degree angle. We remain in this position for a few minutes and then return to the initial position.

Pelvic lift, an exercise that must be done at home to tighten the buttock muscles

Another lower body slimming exercise: the pelvic statement. “It allows you to work the back of the body and the large glutes,” defines the athletic trainer. To do this, lie on your back. Then bend your legs and keep your feet on the ground. The heels should be located close to the buttocks. Then the pelvis is raised towards the ceiling. We align the hips with the thighs and back, wrap the butt, and then return to the starting position.

Sports at home: side kicks to shrink the lower body

The athletic trainer also displays the performance of side kicks. He explained, "This lateral raise of the upper leg engages the abductors (lateral glutes). For this exercise, you lie on your side with your legs well-taped. Then you raise the upper leg."

The lower side leg is raised to reduce the volume of your legs

For this movement, we put ourselves in the same position as the side kicks. But this time we raise the lower leg. "Capacity is much less but it allows you to do the adductor on the inside of the thighs," says Kevin Priol. To do this exercise, we also lie on our side, stretching one leg on the floor, and placing the other on top of the outstretched leg. Then we raise the leg as high as possible on the floor and then return to the initial position.

Covers to shape the buttocks at home

"We can also cover the elbows with a special intent when engaging the buttocks as well as the abdominal muscles," explains the athletic trainer. To do this, lie on your stomach and lean on your elbows and toes. The buttocks should be sheathed and not positioned too high or too low. We try to stay in this position for as long as possible.

Exercises to tone your legs: how many sets and repetitions?

Kevin Priol recommends doing 3 sets of 15 repetitions as a minimum for each exercise. "We don't use a load, so it's best to do as many repetitions as possible to draw and tone the muscles," he identifies. A gym trainer recommends performing these exercises three times a week, if you are doing a main session dedicated to the legs. It specifies that a recovery day between each exercise is necessary for people not used to exercise.

What is the ideal program to refine your legs at home?

"It is better to diversify the exercises. You can perform these seven movements on some days and walk or run the rest of the time. In addition, these activities allow you to perform cardio, which allows you to effectively slim and tone your body" develops the athletic trainer .


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