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5 tips to tighten your skin after losing weight

 5 tips to tighten your skin after losing weight

Chasing the pounds while battling saggy skin, it's possible! Murad Ben Jelloul, a sports coach, shares his tips for tightening your skin after losing weight.

After losing weight, sagging skin is a common occurrence. And for good reason: When you gain weight, the skin stretches to make room for fatty tissue. During a diet, the fat disappears without giving the skin time to adapt.

The result: the faster and greater the weight loss, the more saggy the skin, despite its elasticity.

Thus, the ideal option is to lose weight without rushing, through a balanced diet, but also through exercise, in order to reduce sagging skin.

Didn't you follow these recommendations and start showing up on your skin? Don't panic, there are solutions less extreme than surgery to treat this.

The most effective of them is exercise: the goal is to fill the void left by fat with muscle! Thus, several exercises can tighten the skin located in the areas most prone to sagging skin.

drops against the impact of the bat

During weight loss, the back of the arms tends to relax: this is called the bat effect. To combat this phenomenon, it is necessary to strengthen the triceps muscle. ideal? Make dips!

Stand with your back on a chair and place your hands on the edge of the seat. Bend your legs at a 90-degree angle, support yourself on your feet, then bend your arms down, before going back up.

Abdominal muscles to tighten the abdomen

The abdominal area is one of the areas most affected by loose skin after losing weight. For skin tightening, abdominal muscles can be beneficial. There are several types:

Sitting exercises: Lie on your back and bend your legs. Lift your chest to your knees while keeping your back straight, then lower your back.

Candle: Lie on your back with your arms across your body and your hands flat on the floor. Raise your pelvis, place your legs perpendicular, then lower them without touching the floor.

Pedal boat: Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Raise your legs and pretend you're pedaling. At the same time, both of your elbows will be looking for the opposite knee.

Inner thigh muscles against loose skin

When you gain weight, fat tends to be stored in the inner thighs. The result: when you go on a diet, this area often lacks firmness. The solution ? adductor muscle!

Lie on your right side and bend your left leg, keeping your plantar arch on the floor. At the same time, straighten your right leg, before raising it vertically, and then lowering it. To work even more, you can put weights on your feet.

Squat to tighten the buttocks

Weight loss can be the cause of sagging buttocks. Squats are effective in combating that flabby skin!

While standing, place your feet shoulder width apart and put your arms along your body. Get down by bending your legs to 90 degrees, then come back up. To keep your knees up, make sure they don't go past your toes.

Additional tips against sagging skin

To maximize the effects of these targeted exercises, a balanced diet is essential. Choose foods rich in proteins and antioxidants, which boost collagen production and thus help maintain skin elasticity.

Good hydration is also necessary to combat sagging skin: do not forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day and moisturize your skin with a suitable cream.


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