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5 tips to steal from Brazilian women to get a hot body

 5 tips to steal from Brazilian women to get a hot body

Brazilian women have a reputation for being beautiful, sexy, skinny, and glamorous bombshells all at the same time! Inevitably, they have a few slimming and beauty secrets….

In Brazil, women have a semi-obsessive relationship with their bodies. Casual beaches paradise invites you to reveal yourself in simple swimwear. Want to look like them? You don't have to resort to plastic surgery, the other national "sport" out there! Draw some good ideas to sublimate your body naturally.

Tip 1: Adopt guarana

It's great coffee! In fact, it is the world's richest plant in caffeine (4.5 grams per 100 grams) but with an added advantage. Its high tannin content allows caffeine to be excreted more slowly in the body without causing overexcitement. The result: Guarana is the energy drink of choice for Brazilians who add it to their chocolate or coffee, just to make it even more spicy! In addition to its stimulating benefits, it is a slimming ally famous for its effectiveness in burning fat thanks, of course, to its superior caffeine content but also to its trace elements and vitamins that help reduce the feeling of hunger. Guarana is found in capsules, powder or syrup.

Tip #2: Use coconut water

It's Brazil's leading health drink, sipping straight from a nut with a straw. Rich in minerals (potassium, magnesium, etc.), low in sugar, barely 13 calories per 100ml, here are three good reasons to make it your fitness/slimming ally for smart post-sports hydration or for a detox and detox aid. Preferably an organic selection, as little denatured as possible, without preservatives, and not based on concentrate. You can also buy fruit! To make sure there is water inside, feel free to shake it near your ear. "Gargling" is a guarantee of a good amount of fresh water!

Tip #3: Snack on Brazil Nuts

Sure, it's calorie (100g = 650 calories)! But incorporated into moderation in muesli for example, it is an excellent morning starter along with an appetite suppressant effect. A meal or two accompanied by fresh fruit full of vitamins and sunshine (pineapple, mango, acai, jujube...), it's a snack that Brazilian

 women love. Brazil nuts also lock in one of their beauty secrets! Packed with minerals (magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, copper, zinc and potassium), the champ of any food category in selenium content, this trace element our body doesn't know how to manufacture and which must necessarily be supplied via the plate. One unit (5g) covers our daily needs! Thanks to its antioxidant effect, selenium fights free radicals, the enemies of youth. double hit:

Tip #4: Prefer lime

More acidic and fragrant than egg yolks, it is used in the recipe for the famous caipirinha (known as "caipirinha") cocktail made with cachaça (Brazilian rum) and sugar cane! But simply with water, it's good too! It's even a great detoxing drink that beautiful Brazilians enjoy all the time, like their model,

 from the country, Gisele Bundchen. The fruit's high content of vitamin C and polyphenols makes it a powerful antioxidant that defends us against the cursed free radicals that "corrode" cells. Lemon is also a great cleanser that helps eliminate toxins from the body. Squeeze half a lemon and pour the juice into a mineral water bottle to accompany you at work or in your daily life. The pinnacle of luxury and slimming.

Tip #5: Samba Dance

no escape! More than just a dance, it is with football and capoeira the art of living in Brazil where we have a rhythm in our own skin. And it moves, it wiggles... it burns a lot of calories, especially the one from the Brazilian peach tree "Romeo y Julieta," a sweet with guava paste that you eat with cheese. By dancing samba, we can thus eliminate up to 432 calories in an hour. It's worth wiggling your ass! The samba moves touch all the muscles, shape the legs and arms, refine the waist...not to mention you get to sweat a lot! There is no shortage of classes to start and lose weight beautifully!


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