5 tips to stabilize your weight with Chinese medicine

 5 tips to stabilize your weight with Chinese medicine

Aim to restore body and mind balance thanks to a global approach: Discover 5 tips to stabilize your weight thanks to Chinese medicine.

To stabilize or simply restore your healthy weight, this ancient medicine is particularly effective.

Nutritionally, look for a balance of flavours. Foods soft and sweet (rice, fruits, grains...), spicy, salty, acidic or bitter... All flavors must be represented on the plate so that none of them prevail, according to the principles of Chinese medicine.

- Adopt the apple is a super fruit for slimming. In addition to being very rich in probiotics, it is also packed with pectin, a fiber known for its slimming properties. But in Chinese medicine, apples are referred to as a balancing fruit that promotes hydration of the pulmonary system and coordination of the spleen and stomach. Provided you don't suffer from bloating, you can eat an apple a day, alternating between its raw form and its cooked version.

Use good plants. On the phytotherapy side, we focus on harmonizing plants such as ginger, cinnamon, coriander or licorice. Lotus seed is one of the stars of Chinese medicine. It is known to calm and refocus the mind and thus can help keep track as part of nutritional rebalancing. Lotus seeds can be found in dried form in Asian grocery stores.

Be gentle with yourself. It is essential to take a gentle look at your body and take the time to take care of yourself. Meditation, massage, positive thinking... All the attention we give to ourselves contributes to self-acceptance and the dynamics of change.

Take qigong. This traditional Chinese gymnastics based on mastering breathing allows its practitioners to draw all the energy from the earth to recharge their batteries. Ideal: Exercise for ten minutes every morning.

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