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5 tips to not gain weight again after dieting

 5 tips to not gain weight again after dieting

You managed to lose those pounds that bothered you. This time, no doubt about their recovery. Here are five tips to finally maintain the silhouette that works for you.

You are struggling to lose weight. And you did! You feel good about yourself and your only fear is getting it back. Don't panic: There are many tricks to maintaining the silhouette you feel comfortable in.

I am gradually increasing my calorie intake

There are two mistakes to avoid: thinking that you can eat "normally" once you no longer need to lose weight or continuing the program that allowed you to lose your pounds for fear of gaining them back. Subject to long-term calorie restriction, the body gets used to working economically, with few calories. Maintaining the restriction while reaching your goal exposes you to regaining weight at the slightest increase. The weight stabilization phase consists in very gradual re-adaptation of the body to work with more calories, until, thanks to the weekly weight, the maximum permissible level is found.

In practice, you can add:

1 portion (30 to 40 g) of cheese 2 to 3 times a week (or even every other day at the end).

Starches or bread for dinner (for a start, 4 tablespoons of starches or 50 grams of bread).

A slice of bread for breakfast (up to about 80 grams).

One fruit a day for lunch and dinner.

A piece of chocolate (preferably dark) for snacks.

One pastry a week.

One rich dish a week

A maximum of one glass of wine per day.

Make these introductions in the order you like, about once a week or even every 15 days, depending on your weight development.

I maintain the good habits I took while losing weight

To avoid regaining weight after a diet, it is necessary to maintain the good reactions that are followed during weight loss, namely:

Maintain balanced meals. The main dish consists of a third of meat or fish (or eggs, pork, seafood, tofu, etc.), a third of starchy foods, and a third of vegetables (raw or cooked), all cooked with reasonable proportions of healthy fats, such as olive oil or seeds Rapeseed or walnut oil. Complete with dairy and fruit.

Do not miss meals, to avoid food cravings at the wrong time.

Give yourself at least 15 to 20 minutes per meal while you are seated and calm. Take your time to savor.

I preprogram my lists

This is the best solution so you don't end up with a pizza delivery for dinner. At a minimum, always keep in the fridge, in the freezer and in the cupboards fast-food items for a balanced meal: eggs, ham, frozen fried vegetables, brick soup ...

I don't give up on sports

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even while at rest, and therefore, the easier it is to stabilize your weight without depriving yourself too much. Test new activities for more fun and keep writing your sessions in your calendar.

I watch my weight

Holidays, end-of-year celebrations, periods of stress, can cause weight gain. React quickly by resuming your slimming program for a few days, to never let the pounds pile up again.


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