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5 new positions that increase weight loss

 5 new positions that increase weight loss

Do you think the most important thing to lose weight is willpower? Error ! In support of the studies, a psychologist has deconstructed this dominant idea as well as many other clichés about thinness.

Finally, a new approach to weight gain and weight loss! And this is by no means just another diet or a series of purely nutritional tricks. Dans un ouvrage vraiment passionnant, "Les pensées qui font maigrir" (édition Albin Michel), Eudes Séméria psychologue clinicien explique comment l'analyse de notre personnalité et l'exploration des injonctions inconscientes qui nous conditionnent peuvent de

 rerevond tre le permet the body. Because it is not by counting the calories at each meal, nor by weighing everything to the nearest gram or by focusing on our ideal weight that we will succeed in losing weight...but first and foremost by agreeing with ourselves, our actions and our commitments. Psychological terms? No, because in his work this expert knows how to give access to more complex concepts thanks to a series of concrete cases and examples, and draw the reader's attention with quotes from studies showing that certain ideas or situations can make us lose weight or, conversely, gain weight. Sexy, we tell you again!

The secret of being thin: cooking!

Women who are looking for thinness have everything to gain by entering the kitchen. It's better for your health, your wallet and weight loss! This allows you to control the amounts of sugar and fat… that we know about. But it's also a sign of commitment, psychologically. A new idea that is easy to follow, highly effective and scientifically proven! According to a study cited by Eudes Sémérias, the women

 who are most likely to have a balanced weight are the ones who cook. Expert explanation: When you gain technical knowledge and engage yourself in preparing your own food, you increase your sense of self-efficacy. Thus we have a better sense of mastering events and better mastering ourselves.

To lose weight, you must first gain independence

We often hear that to achieve your goal, lose weight or quit smoking, you have to take responsibility. It's a reductive way of looking at things and above all making people feel guilty. Therefore, we stop beating ourselves up and abusing our bodies and minds with useless diets that lead us to believe that we are useless. According to Eudes Sémérias, two aspects of personality seem to be equally important in

 the ability to regulate one's diet: benevolence towards oneself and the ability to consider one's internal experiences, without judging them. “People who feel a little guilt or who know how to put their differences into perspective are less likely to break out or overeat. They will have a better awareness of what is best for their health. In addition, they themselves rely on their decision to lose weight and not only To meet the demands of a third party, a doctor, or others, and thus they are more independent.

Weight loss: willpower alone is not enough

To lose weight, relying on willpower alone is not enough. Here letter is changing! Because we're tired of hearing that if we can't lose weight, it's because we lack motivation, in short, we're weak, we don't have a winning mentality and that's our fault. It's a double risk! We suffer because we failed to reach our goal and because our efforts do not bear fruit. “Eudes Sémérias believes that will is wrongly valued

 and thrown into the organization of food. All of the plan’s sponsors say the most important thing is to motivate and show determination. It is wrong. It will even be counterproductive. A study has shown that people who believe they can rely on their willpower to resist temptation They crack more easily than those who are more modest and down-to-earth from the start.

Dieting: impulsive, bad advisor

Lorsque nous cherchons à changer notre mode d'alimentation ou à l'améliorer, nous pensons spontanément à "faire un régime", analyse Eudes Séméria, la plupart des spécialistes nous ornt calling d'ailleursè, à c'mainestr. Error". This expert invites us to question this "precipitation". "No one can, overnight, turn their diet upside down, without suffering from it." Before thinking about losing weight,

 we must gradually prepare for a new way of behaving, through which a new way of eating will emerge. In practice, you have to go step by step, create different criteria, do the shopping differently, adopt certain reactions on a daily basis... In short, set milestones to reconnect with the freedom to eat as you please, in line with what makes us feel good. "The changes made will have implications only if we commit ourselves in the very long term, as Eudes Séméria emphasizes, the challenge being to have a responsible, sustainable and final process in principle."

The new slimming key: be flexible

In conclusion, Eudes Sémérias explains that “People who are psychologically resilient lose weight more easily than others and are less likely to gain it back. A person with good resilience is able to monitor themselves and regress in relation to their feelings and events. She will also believe that it is her actions

 that determine what happens.” Its not by chance or by chance." It is enough to change some habits to start the change and it will automatically affect other habits through a "domino effect". A study has shown that changes have a greater "domino effect" on diet and health, reduce time spent in front of screens, especially during meals, and eat more fruits and vegetables.


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